Wanna Kno Who I am?

Hello and welcome to my world. This Blog has all my ramblings as well as creative posts like my poems and stories.

Well, who am i?

Im jus a girl.

Oh, and i dont edit my posts…i hate editing….

P.s Pls use Firefox to view this blog, it doesn screw up the pages.


25 Responses to “Wanna Kno Who I am?”

  1. jus a gal..hmnm.. hw can ne gal b “jus” something.. man u gals.. :S

  2. A girl??? wot sorta girl???

  3. Hi just a gal.. Nice blog

  4. *raghu
    hee hee..i am just a gal 🙂

    wat sorta gal???how do u mean?

    Thanx 🙂

  5. If you dont know who u r !
    then you ask me who u r !
    then i will you who i am !
    still you are not able know who I am !
    then ask you ,who I am !!!!

  6. hello just a gal,
    u do write real well ..
    it sure is a Upside down world 🙂

  7. Firefox… 🙂 did u pledge for the download day of FFX 3? if not yet, head ovr to my blog, click on the link and pledge… 🙂

  8. u like bullets? great… me hv three of them.. a 1978 model, a 1990 model adn a 1996 model… thought i will mail u this, but could not find ur mail id any where… drop in a mail to anoop(dot)anoopkumar(at)gmail(dot)com. would love to hear from u…

  9. *Anoop
    I do like bikes…

  10. Hey (Tia?)
    Nice blog you’ve got… i hope to read consistently 😀 🙂

    and about the song ‘minchagi neenu baralu’ from Gaalipata.. haven’t heard that.. anisutide was playing on my walkman when i wrote that post.. so ‘current music is anisutide’ 🙂


  11. *Sanseep R
    Thanks for checking out my blog!
    Do listen to it, its nice…

  12. hmm.. you’ve it on your music repository? 🙂

  13. *Sandeep
    Nope…i listen to it on youtube. Can’t paste the link here, it gets suppressed.

  14. oh okie.. i’ll check it out 🙂

  15. Tia.. blog name huh?
    I’ve a feeling like your name starts with letter S 😛

  16. *Sandeep
    That one is easy!

  17. Why?

  18. *Sandeep
    easy to guess if you read my blog, check the orkut link or check my email id..

  19. oh.. orkut link ain’t working.. and where’s your mail id!? 😮

  20. *Sandeep
    It was there in one of the old posts…it’s there in the main page i thought…

  21. I didn’t get the mail id, and orkut link is dead…
    still easy? 😛

  22. *Sandeep
    *laughs* sue_danterules@yahoo.com
    easier now??

  23. ah hmmm.. i’d have asked you ‘do you yahoo!’ 🙂

    can i add you up there?

  24. *Sandeep
    Sure thing!

  25. Wanna Know a lot about yourself…saw your flickr pics. and am very impulsive about knowing you…will add you now on my yahoo…some bad news 31st Dec 08 was my last day at work as the company layoff thing hit me as well..am married, unemployed with home loan EMI on the head…don’t know what to do but yes one good thing at the start of 2009 I am a absolutely free…anyway…keep in touch…


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