What’s in a name plate?

Okay so I am guilty of one thing – Looking at people’s access cards. I don’t know why, but I always check out a person’s access card. It’s like looking at name badges when we were kids…or checking out a flashy pack of cookies in the supermatrket, you pick it up and read it, right?  Okay it’s also cos sometimes I can’t remember the person’s name. At other times its to compare the persons photo with how the person looks now. Or just read the employee id.

Now this is a bad thing because most men wear their access cards on their belts! And of course women wear it around their necks…so either way it’s a bad idea to look at someones id card!


~ by tia on January 21, 2009.

8 Responses to “What’s in a name plate?”

  1. we thought only we had this problem…;)

  2. 😀
    nicely put.. i too have this itch 😛


    Suuuuuuuuureeeee you’re just curious to look at ID tags, UH UH!! 😀

    Damn those long neck straps though, now women have their IDs hanging near their belly button, so you’re left in the middle of nowhere. Hasn’t the recession hit the nylon industry yet? Sheesh.

  4. Interesting… But i realized that wearing a tag is dependent on the place where you swipe it.. Perhaps i am. I never used to wear it round my neck, just because the place where i am supposed to swipe in my office is at my belts height, so i have to bend a little bit for a swipe. Yes i am so lazy to bend 🙂

    Another interesting thing that i have noticed with the office tags with men, if you are a new joiner you’ve got them round your necks where you can see the tag hanging with your beautiful face and the company name on the card, oh so proud to be part of XYZ ltd, a little experience will move just the card to the shirt pocket, but the tag will still be round the neck, slowly the tag moves to the belt with a stretching band, gradually its dismantled from belt and band and it moves to the pant pocket. Now slowly the the old tag comes back and gets attached to the card, at this moment the card is inside the pant pocket and the tag is hanging down.. This is perhaps the time when you have your Monster and Naukri.com websites being updated daily.

    Haven’t noticed Life cycle of a card for Girls. But in the initial stages it is hanging round the neck.


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