Saturnine Diva: Womens Health

That Period of the Month

Many women r plagued wit problems like PMS, irregular monthly cycles, Painful period, etc.

Irregular cycles hav become a common phenomenon. Some people blame the lifestyle the present generation is used to. I have had a few experiences myself which i wud like to share (all the men who r squirming can stop reading and pass this link on to women u kno)

If u are one of those women u hav irregular cycles, there cud b some weight issues. Invariably such people r overweight. The irony here is that, unless u lose weight the cycle wont b regular, and unless the cycle is regular u wont lose weight.

*The first step is to get urself checked by the gynac if u havent had a period in 3 months. U need to rule out hormonal imbalance.

*Lose weight. Take steps to lose weight. It helps.

*Get your diet in place. Eat on time. If u think there is a possibility that u don get food on time bcos of ur work, carry something with u. Best wud b marie biscuits (arrowroot), or glucose or rusk. Make sure u eat something at the stipulated time.

Losing weight:

Here r few tips…these r few things i changed or implemented and the results r amazing.

1. Drink at least one glass of milk per day. If u cant manage this in the morning get home and drink milk in the evening. And no, milk does not mean coffee or tea. Im talkin plain milk or milk flavoured wit vanilla or chocolate. If u dont hav the time but can afford it, but a pack of pasteurised milk (like nandini or amul tetrapacks), ther is no hassle of heating the milk.

2. Keep a binge/indulgence diary. Everytime u catch urself indulging or binging write it down in the diary. This will help u set limits. For example, my diary for last month reads this way

a. 2 whole bars of chocolate on 11th jan

b.Two pieces of cake on 25th

3. everytime u hav the urge to eat something…push the feeling. wen u reach a point wen u absolutely have cake or chocolate or anything have one piece.

4.Eat dessert after food. That way you wont eat too much of dessert. Preferably have dessert only after lunch.

5. Follow the rule of fours. I eat four of everything, no matter what. Of course it depends on wat i am eating. I cant have four Bhature or Four rolls. So make changes but its invariably four chapttis, four idlis, four dosas, etc

6. Eat dinner by seven p.m. Eat a lite dinner. If u r plannin to stay up u can eat a lil more so that u don get hungry in the nite. But finish dinner by seven.

7. Eat breakfast. No matter wat happens eat breakfast. u mite have to get up early for it but do it. And eat a heavy breakfast so that even at 11 a.m u don feel hungry.

8. One hour exercise per day. Aerobics or jogging or swimming is the best. U mite not get time, but make time. And exercise at any time u can get before 9. I work out between 7 p.m. n 8 p.m. or 6.30 p.m. and 7.30 p.m., depending on wat time i get home. U mite feel tired but eat something, wait half hour and thn exercise.

for those who haven exercised in years, start gradually. Start wit half hour of walking and then increase it to one hour of walking and then graduate to one hour of aerobics.

9. cut down on junk and oily food. even if u do eat in moderation and exercise to lose all that u hav eaten. But if u kno u wont get time to exercise dont eat oily food. Even if u go out wit ur frnds choose the helathiest option on the menu. Takes a lot of will power.

10. Wen u start exercising, check ur weight the first time, then dont check ur weight at all. Trust me ull b disillusioned and will lose faith in your work out and diet. Check after around 3 months of dieting and exercising.

Here r some good links:


Medical News Today

Women to Women


~ by tia on February 13, 2007.

7 Responses to “Saturnine Diva: Womens Health”

  1. :S
    im lucky?

  2. Aaaaah health freak sushie report has been brought to you by McDonalds. 😀

    Ok, lets break this down:

    Yeah, well I’ll light a candle for all the women in the world, happy? 😀 jk jk

    1. So you drink a glass of milk every day? In related news, cows around the Blore area are running for their lives, hahahahaha. I understand, when people get up there in age like you, osteioperosis can be a major concern, so chug away, lol 😀

    Ok, yes, milk does help a lot energy wise, because of the protiens and calcium, it does help you feel better. I dunno about its direct weight reducing capabilities, but your more likely to eat less when feeling good than when you are feeling bad, so it does have an indirect effect. And stronger bones will cause less problems with your knees and joints, thus allowing you to excercise on a more regular basis.

    2. So I’m guessing you have a whole book by now, 😀

    a: that was just in the morning of that day

    b: that was just the first dessert of that day

    these examples were provided as anecdotes, but the real list is too long to list, but any curious minds, please visit her vast library of indulgences diaries, 😀

    Ok, in reality, yes writing down your indulgences can help, but it can also mislead people. Not everyone goes and rushes to their room to actually write it down, every single time, but at months end, they may look at the list and say they really didn’t have too many indulgences, thus believe they should be losing more wieght than usual, and when they are not, get disappointed, and its all over.

    3. Or if you really don’t want to eat, ask sushie to cook, 😀

    Ok, this is where I think your mistaken. When you resit your natural feelings, it leads to problems. Think of it, in the same way as capping your inner feelings until it boils over. When you feel like eating chochlate, eat one. Don’t say, you’ll eat 5 at the end of the week. Because eating one for 5 days is a LOT better than eating 5 in one day, because through out the week, your body burns off the excess fat because of the minimal amount entering, but if its all at once, the body burns off a certain amount, and stores the rest as fat. And since you won’t be able to burn off the 5 chochlates all at once, you really are hindering your process.

    4. After you cook, dessert might just be THE meal, 😀

    Ok, eating dessert is good either at night or day (if you plan on working out afterwards), because at nite, the long layoff between dinner and breakfast helps in the digestion and useage of the dessert anyway, so lunch and dinner doesn’t make a whole lot of difference IMO. The whole point of dessert, is to just give you a sweet taste, not FILL you. Think of it as a curry, but one that you save for last.

    5. For sushie: 4 pizzas, 4 hamburgers, 4 hot dogs, 4 cokes, etc 😀

    Well a quantative number isn’t exactly the best idea because the amount of fat changes from one food to another. Carbohydrates also play a big role. (rice, tapoica all have good amounts of carbs, thus that is why southern people are usually more fat than northern indians, because their main diet centers around chapathi, which isn’t as high on carbs). There are sites that list the usual amount of carbs in foods, go look it up, :D. I would, but I’m lazy.

    6. For ammaachiis liks you, who have bedtimes at 9 pm, this is fine.

    Hmmm yes it does help, but if you stay up late (like me), you’ll just get hungry before you sleep. A good time, 3 hours before your intended sleeping time. It also helps to walk. You stomach processes the food faster when you walk, because it helps the food travel through your stomach and intestines faster. The faster processing will use up energy, and prevent fat to be stored. Don’t walk until about 45 mins past your last bite.

    7. Sushie wakes up 4 hrs early just to eat breakfast, 😀

    Eating breakfast is good.

    8. Sushie walks to the park, sits on the benches for 1 hr, and then takes an auto back to her home, just a little insight folks, 😀

    working out is always good. walking, jogging, running, are all good forms of it. You can also work out inside your home, with simple excersices, such as push ups, crunches, leg lifts, etc

    9. Sushie always chooses the healthiest burger from the McDonalds menu, and the healthiest french fries. 😀

    In theory, yes, its good, but as I made my point earlier, don’t completely abstain from it, because it will eventually lead you to come back.

    10. Sushi checks every 3 minutes.

    Ok, putting a time period on your weight loss program is very dangerous, because as soon as that time is over, people get complacent, and gain back all the weight that they lose.

    You have to understand, that is not a weight loss program, its a life change. Its not like, you can go back to the way you eat now, afterwards. Thats why I suggest, you don’t abstain from unhealthy foods that you love, because that will bite you in the end. Instead, learn how to moderate the amount of unhealthy food you intake.

    This is a public service announcement brought to you by the BluffMaster, please donate to the bluffy fund, so more of these can help edumacate the the lost souls of the world. All you need is a credit card number and a valid bank account, and think, that a dollar from you, will go a long way to edumacate the others in the world. So next time you see an over-weight person standing next to you, donate to the bluffy fund, so we can enhance our chances to edumacate pple. No, this is not a scam at all. Call me at 343 343 2323, 😀

  3. wat prompted the sudden post!HOpe ur fit and fine…i think the dont-skip-breakfast and eat often are the most practical things u cud do for ur fitness anyways..but no one listens to meeee 😦 and Id rather die than taste milk but make up for it with all those not-so-tasty veggies.. 🙂

  4. *Raghu

  5. *Blah
    woah hold on ther mr.doogie howser M.D!
    Most of the tips ive got and followed r from oprah or bangalore times…none of em r my own…
    will counter ur arguements wen i hav time..and ammachi??????

  6. *di
    acute cramps prompted that post!!lol….but i was so shocked wen i heard from so many of my frnds that their monthly cycles weren regular…so decided to write this…
    but di veggies AND milk r both necessary…if u don like milk (even i don!), and if u hav the luxury of waitsline to, hav cheese and other milk products…trust me it helps…

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