Album Updates

So Q3, Q4 ’08 was good.

Metallica released their latest album “Death Magnetic” and Guns ‘n’ Roses relseased their first album after 15 years – “Chinese Democracy”

So far Death Magnetic has been okay. Kinda liked That Was Just Your Life and Broken Beat Scarred. Of course you can’t compare any of the subsequent albums with the quality of songs in the Black Album. But if you are ready to listen to it with an open mind and, well, are very loyal to Metallica you might just like it. It has strains of music or riffs quite similar to few songs in the Black Album, but is also very different from the Black Album. Unforgiven 3?? Really??? I think they should have just left it at Unforgiven 2. But I unforgiven 3 comes close to the original Black Album sound.

Chinese Democracy..what can I say, Guns ‘n’ Roses without Slash is a faded rose. I think you need to divide G n R history into Slash era and Non Slash era. The songs in Chinese Democracy have lost their rock edge and aren’t…as raw as they where as in Use your Illusion.  I liked songs like Better and If the world. Nice to hear Axl Rose’s voice again.


~ by tia on March 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Album Updates”

  1. Hey longtime.. hws u?

  2. I tried listening to Chinese Democracy….but a few things got in the way viz. music, lyrics and vocals.
    Death Magnetic. Well Uncles James & Ulrich are trying. The old ‘metallica’ touch is definitely there, as much as there is democracy in china.
    just my thoughts.

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