Socio – path?

I have decided to turn non-social. I seem to prefer solitary confinement these days.

As  Niles says in one of the episodes of Frasier:

Frasier: By the way, where’s Maris? I haven’t seen her all night.
Niles: She’s on your bed.
Frasier: My bed?
Niles: Yes, she’s asleep under the guests’ coats. She exhausts easily under the pressure to be interesting.

I think I make a lesser fool of myself when I don’t interact with people. I think interacting with people makes me feel foolish! Also human beings don’t interest me any more.

I never understood what the fuss was about when people spoke about movies like Instinct or Born free. Now I do. I am actually tired of all human beings. Maybe the only perfection you find is in God. But he can’t understood. Not by human mind. Thus he’s not perfect too.

So far I have found perfection in only one thing – Babies. They are so perfect. Never mind they poop a lot and cry a lot. But…they aren’t very unpredictable. There is a limited combination of behaviors that babies can have….unless they are possessed, of course.

So that’s it. I have renounced my social life! I feel damn good about myself when I am with myself.

On a very different, non psycho/whiny note:

Here’s wishing Gaurav Vaz and his new band Allegro Fudge the very best on their debut gig. The debut gig is at Opus, Bangalore from 2 – 4 pm,  Sunday,  1st March.   


~ by tia on March 1, 2009.

One Response to “Socio – path?”

  1. I liked their music.

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