Cicero saw it in the eyes

After 25 years of existence I have come to realize that my eyes are of an unusual color. It’s neither black, nor dark brown, nor is it light brown! It’s a weird color between dark brown and light brown. I should have known, that’s quite typical, I can’t be stereotyped.

Now the last time that  I was distinctly aware of this, was when one of my ex’s happened to say ‘you have such Bright Brown Eyes’ which seemed to be spoken in the same tone and breath as ‘Blue Blistering Barnacles.’ Besides when men are cranky they say all sorts of things.

And it reminded me, that every time I asked a friend of mine advice on how to figure whether a certain guy was just playing with my heart (I believe the new age, hip-hop term is ‘phunk wit my heart’), he’d say: Look into his eyes. If he’s lying you’d be able to see it in his eyes. And the irony here is that in all my ex’s eyes I saw that they really liked me, except the last one. I guess somewhere deep within me I was aware of what I saw in his eyes, but was too scared to accept it.

Les yeux sont le miroir de l’dme
(The eyes are the mirror of the soul)


~ by tia on February 12, 2009.

5 Responses to “Cicero saw it in the eyes”

  1. brown eyes!!! lemme try noticing that the next time you find time to meet !!

  2. *ancientmariner
    Hah, you didn’t notice the first time, you won’t notice after this :P. You were supposed to come back this month…what happened?

  3. Lol, yeah thats what men do when they are cranky. “I am UPSET, and YOU HAVE BRIGHT EYES!!!! ARRRGGHHH!!!!!!” lol

    What kinda girl DOESN’T look into people’s eyes? Every girl I know is addicted to looking into people’s eyes and trying to read them.

  4. Love the quote in Francaise 🙂

  5. *Sandeep

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