Talk about a scarlet letter.

See go to office by bike these days because that way I can sleep late (I work an hour extra on those days) and cope with “home-work” (don’t wanna sound domesticated!). I have started keeping a tab on how much petrol I use (these are hard times) and I just don’t get enough time to mark “Petrol” in the calendar in my phone, so I use P to indicate the day I have filled petrol in my bike. The problem here is that I also use P (like many women do and don’t tell you) to indicate…let’s call it body cycles that women have (wow I am learning different ways of avoiding the word “period” to prevent men who read my blog from going eeeeeyuuuuh). And since I am totally caught in a daze of office work and domesticity I can’t figure when I got my last period and when I last put petrol!

I guess I’ll know when my bike runs out of fuel…

(P.s: The first line is a distinct reference to Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Scarlet letter. In the story the letter A represents adultery. I just used the allusion to a tainted letter)


~ by tia on February 7, 2009.

7 Responses to “P?”

  1. You ruined it with the PS at end, kinda makes it more amateurish, like a comedian having to explain the jokes. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    You should use different fonts. Or if its available, put like a screaming or angry smiley next to one of the P’s. Problem solved.

  2. *Blah
    Like you would have known it is a distinct ref to Nathaniel Hawthorne’s book!
    *laughs* That would mean using a colon and other characters…can I pull yours out and use it??? Sorry…residual anger from the PMS..>:o(

  3. from when on did men think that period is eeeeyuh word? especially since we have no experince of it?…we shed blood in pain, you shed it to cleanse….hope your period match with the day u need to fill gas…no puns intended of course

  4. *Tys

  5. isnt’t there a ‘gas meter’ on ur moped!!!

  6. Fuel indicator. 😀

  7. *ancientmainre
    its not a moped!! Gaa!! And yes but the fuel gauge is wrong sometimes…

    thanks sandeep

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