Cloudrunners – a story for 4 to 12 year olds

Not on the earth and not in the sky, way above the earth and much below the sky, on clouds, as white as an angel’s aura, live little creatures.
These creatures are the guardians of the earth and are the second level, after the angels of the sky, of protection for the people.
These tiny creatures, sometimes as small as a drop of water or even a snow flake, in times of great peril to earth creatures, hold hands and form a net stronger than titanium to prevent physical danger to the people.These are the cloud runners.
And why are they cloud runners? Because they can only walk on cloud. They can jump from one cloud to another to move from one place to another, or ride a cloud in the wind. But if they fell off the cloud, they would turn into dew drops.

And one little cloud creature was Annabel. A pretty little thing with the whitest hair and the bluest eyes. She loved looking at the people. She was always found on the lowest cloud watching them.During the nights she watched the rows and rows of lights on the roads, people hurrying back and forth.She watched them in the mornings, the sea of humans walking to and from…wherever it is that they went. She wondered what their lives where like. What did these people do through the day? Where did they go? Why did they look so different in color and size from each other?

One day Anna was looking down as usual, and she sighed. Lairy one of the firsts came by and looked at Annabelle lying on the cloud, her tear drop shaped hair disheveled and her white elf like clothes in disarray, half buried in the cloud.
“Anna my girl, for how long have you lay there?” he asked.
Anna looked up with her soulful blue eyes, and said: “Long time l’yary.”
She paused and the continued “I want to be like them l’yary”. She had a frown on her face.

“Now now” said Lairy. “You do know it’s your destiny to be a cloudrunner. Will you fight the will of God?”
“No L’yary. But…”She had tears in her eyes.
Just then Alek came by and waved to her. Alek loved being a cloud runner. He would run from one cloud to another trying to cover the whole earth in one day!

Why couldn’t she be satisfied with being a cloud runner…like Alek? Why did she want to go down to earth, why did she want to be a person? She loved how they walked into the glass buildings, in their various clothes. she liked seeing little children make snow men, though it took a lot of squinting of her powerful vision to see their carrot noses.
She wanted to be one of them.

And one day she was struck by the thought of joining the people. She got this idea on a cold night a few days before Christmas when she watched children in a house preparing for Christmas feast. She had no family. Her family was the cloud runners itself.And sometimes Alek was her family, when he sat with her and told her about different lands he had seen – like the one with a huge black structure that was built for a reason no one understood, but was used as a watch tower by the people. After he had narrated his story for the day, they held hands and didn’t speak a word till the sun rose.
She didn’t want to be the Guardian for the people but the people she guarded.
She didn’t want to go against the will of God, yet…her heart cried for more. She wanted more.

She didn’t know what to do..One day dazed in such thoughts she was walking on a cloud. The wind was strong but her mind was on how incomplete her life was.And to her horror she didn’t see a rift in the cotton like cloud. In one moment her deepest thoughts were gone and were replaced by fear and a feeling of unsettling horror. As she fell she didn’t know what to do except pray. Pray that the will of God was something she could trust.

when she finally hit something soft she opened her eyes and realized her body had turned liquid and she seemed to be pulled in all directions. She had fallen on a Rose petal! This was a new situation. Anna didn’t know what to do. Suddenly the rose shook and she fell into the center of the rose. A lady had picked the rose and she had packed it with a bunch of other flowers. They were placed into a van and when the van moved it jerked the flowers and that scared Anna more.

And thus started Anna’s journey of the world. She fell out of the flower into a water glass on the table next to the vase in which her rose was kept. She met other droplets of water, some of the oldest cloud runners who had turned into water.She was then thrown into the street because the little child who’s glass she had fallen into hadn’t finished his water and the water was thrown into the street. The water fell on a man’s cap. Anna took a ride on his cap to a newspaper office, where she fell onto a wet Umbrella which was immediately used by a woman in a red dress. She then fell onto a shop window where the woman had stopped to buy some cake.

But the strangest thing happened one day. As the sun came out, she could feel her body rise and she became a part of the cloud on which she walked! She met Alek again! But she again fell to the ground and this time near a silent mountain. She felt so peaceful in the mountain.

Everything was peaceful. But as the cycle must continue she again rose to become a part of the cloud and fell back onto the earth as rain. But she loved it. One day she was on a shop window in Paris, watching men and women sip coffee near the eiffel tower, the next she was on the roof of a Japanese geisha’s house.One day she was part of the Amazon river, next she was part of the green pacific ocean near a beautiful island. She saw it all.

Sure she wasn’t a guardian anymore, she had lost the prestigious position of a guardian. But she could visit Alek and tell him about all that she saw. She could not be with Alek like they used to before..but you have to lose something to gain something.


~ by tia on February 7, 2009.

5 Responses to “Cloudrunners – a story for 4 to 12 year olds”

  1. this was the most beautiful thing i have ever read. You shud write shush, about these things…things that matter..things that are hidden…

  2. sweet… really sweet… why dont you write more and give us the pleasure more da?

  3. *Tys
    Thanks. Will write someday and publish a book! 🙂

    Your wish is my command! 😀

  4. I feel i’m 4 🙂

  5. *sandeep
    Glad you liked it…that was the idea!

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