Crumpet trumpet

I have heard the phrase Thinking man’s woman…isn’t there anything called a thinking woman’s man? I believe such a phrase does not exist.  It isn’t often that men think. And when they do, we need to create a phrase around it and celebrate it.

Apparently the right term in British English is a ‘Thinking Man’s Crumpet‘. Oh yeah, I am a geek’s British snack food.

But even better was this article on how difficult it is to be a Thinking Man’s Woman.

So is it good that you are a thinking woman?


~ by tia on February 4, 2009.

4 Responses to “Crumpet trumpet”

  1. ‘British English’? I wonder what the Brits call it… 🙂

  2. *Nikhil
    Our English maybe??

  3. LOL, weird term that – ‘British English’. To me, there is only ONE English – that, which is spoken in England. The other stupid spellings are mere American corruptions. I don’t see any reason why an American spelling a word as ‘favor’ should be considered correct whereas a poor Indian chai-waala spelling it as ‘fevor’ be considered incorrect. Naah, to me, there’s English and there’s American.

  4. i read the article…eventhough i can picture myself as a T man, i still think its a little too limiting…i think all people are a mixture of being a feeling and thinking sorts…its easy to peg ourselves…i cry but i fight also…i guess so does everybody…sometimes in trying to figure oneselves out we try to find counsalation in other peoples parameters…astrology for example…i think theres more to us than just genders…we are all unisex….theres a woman and a man in all of us…its just what we tap on.

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