Dairy of a singlewoman – It’s an animal farm out there!

I admit my life isn’t exactly sex and the city but I seem to be one post away from being Carrie Bradshaw.
Last evening my uncle and aunt came over and all I could hear was ‘Marriage.. marriage.. wedding’ like a B-class horror movie minus the fake thunder and lightning.Apparently my mother’s cousin’s daughter is getting married (that would be my second cousin) to a boy from Amrika. Oh joy, lets throw some oregano into the pot and dance around the fire.
It seems like if you are 25 and not one of the brides crowding around guruvayoor your life is a sad one and you don’t deserve to exist.
Hey I MAY still want some romance in my life. I might want to find someone, fall in love, be proposed to on a terrace on a sultry summer night with candles and Orchids and white lilies…am I asking for too much??
My mum seemed disappointed that I was still a single, Indian girl who was working as opposed to every mother’s dream of their daughter being a married woman living in amerika with a techie.. *shudder*

Who said wearing sexy lingerie makes you feel sexy? Whoever said it must have a serious lace fetish or loves being uncomfortable through the day.
See I get this need to buy girly lingerie once in…my life so far! So I got me some lacy bras and underwear. Now I have this lacy black underwear (down boys. with a face like mine, you are better off imagining Christie Brinkley in black lace) I am wearing today and I actually rue the day I decided to buy it. It absolutely rides up my legs and every time I sit…let’s just say I am very uncomfortable.
I hate going commando…but desperate times call for desperate measures. And I am very sure this isn’t a desperate time. I’d rather wear uncomfortable inner wear than no innerwear at all!


~ by tia on February 3, 2009.

12 Responses to “Dairy of a singlewoman – It’s an animal farm out there!”

  1. LOL, thanks for the details. I hope you’re feeling better now.

  2. *Adhyayan
    Okay…made your day buddy?? I wont feel better till I change…

  3. LOL, Miss wild side here wearing lace panties, hahahahaha. Boy, what an outlaw!! So you’re saying that you wear grandma panties all the time? AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Do your parents and family actually talk about anything OTHER than marriage? Everytime you mention them, it has marriage tied to it.

    And a sultry night on a terrace with light? Read one too many of those “romance” books? Atleast aim high, on the beach front, with violins, candle lights, etc.

  4. Despite being a guy, I get glances (mouths have been shut by intimidation) when my friends get married. So can very well imagine your plight.

    Hey, and one small correction. I wasnt a kid paedophile. My cousin is a good 15 years elder to me. 🙂

  5. *Blah
    Hey don’t say I don’t aim high – My alternate most improbable fantasy is being proposed to on the ISS overlooking the earth and Moon and medium probable is on a pier with muslin tent and the works…
    Yeah they do…they talk about weddings. It;s
    I don’t wear grandma panties…nor do i wear overly feminine ones. Good Old jockies are the toast of the day.

  6. Get married. your woes anyway will never end 😛

  7. *Sandeep
    Hmm do you get that often from your friends??

  8. married friends? 😛

  9. Of course not. I obviously was kidding.. duh..

  10. *Sandeep
    It was kinda a rhetorical question..

  11. what was expected as an answer? 😛

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