Road kill

Driving in Bangalore is the pits. Literally!
Today I was riding to office and it’s so amazing how many vehicles try to squeeze through one tiny street. At one point I was stuck between a huge red Volvo and a Ryan School bus. Even better was the fact that BMTC buses are blocking all the road because some roads are small and well the buses are big.
I got damn pissed off and overtook the speeding Volvo. Imagine this if you will. There is a huge a/c majestic bus and you sigh at the luxury and look out of the window.. and hear a little tooting of the horn and see a little black scooter with a little woman on it shaking a fist at the driver. Paints a funny picture doesn’t it?
Eventually I got to office after riding around the amazingly polluted Bellandur lake after being shaken up like a banana in a blender (reference: Breakfast at Tiffany’s – i am the top banana in the shock department). If I were pregnant and riding on that road near the Bellandur Lake I would have had a abnormally normal delivery!
The pain of driving in Bangalore (I refuse to use Bengaluru) was intensified by the parking lot. See we have the Multi-level parking system in our office building and parking meant driving up and around in circles. And every time I completed a circle and moved to the next level, the only thought that came to my mind was….

‘Here we go around the Mulberry Bush, the Mulberry Bush, the Mulberry Bush, everyday in the morning’


~ by tia on January 30, 2009.

6 Responses to “Road kill”

  1. lol @ the abnormally normal delivery – thatz so true.. and therz no need of using any anesthesia…

  2. Driving in India is an art. Knowing when to brake with all the people on the roads, changing lanes without signals, overtaking on the wrong side of the road, honking horns every other second, and avoiding potholes.

    Its actually pretty impressive to see people drive there, and I can honestly say that I probably can’t drive there, especially with the Auto’s and all.

    Saying all that, I do find it funny how you’re so “reckless” on the road, angry at everyone for blocking your way with a small bike.

  3. this is the way we drive around, drive around, drive around.. this is the way we drive around everyday in the morning 🙂

  4. *Blah

    Heh heh…

  5. So you’re in Bangalore. On similar lines, if I saw such women on pesky scooters, I’d run her down with my bus, thats for sure. Its so irritating to see bloody two wheelers cutting lanes, riding on footpaths, jumping red lights, taking wrong U-turns, squeezing into tiny gaps and scratching car doors etc. that I feel much need to run down a few even without them shaking a fist at me.

  6. *Guns
    :O I wasn’t breaking any law!
    And I don’t do such irritating things…I only overtake someone when I think they are slow. I hate people who drive in the middle of the road at 30! Such people need to be run over…

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