Some say I got a bad attitude, But that dont change the way I feel about you..

What motivates us to talk to people we hate? Or people that are rude to us? Or people that don’t even care about us?
Do we try real hard to make them change their minds? Are we trying to get them to like us, when we know its a losing battle?
What attracts us to such people? Is it the playing with fire instinct or the adrenaline rush remnant from our neanderthal hunt play?
I for one don’t care about such people. But the worst thing about being a woman is they sympathy that we have for bad boys. Or the poor, sweet lil guy/girl who emotionally traumatized by life’s experiences.
Talk about being masochistic.
P.s: I have indulged in this masochistic, sympathy for others for some time now. It’s the side effect of being empathetic.


~ by tia on January 29, 2009.

7 Responses to “Some say I got a bad attitude, But that dont change the way I feel about you..”

  1. hey you loser..
    what the f#@% you get by this sick attitude? 😛

    Just trying to see how masochism works.. 😀 😛

  2. Response to your comment on my blog:
    “Sadly, we are in IT premises now – an advertising agency in Bagmane Tech Park. No wonder the woman spat fire at me. As far as my honesty is concerned, this was a rare occasion. ;)”

  3. *Sandeep
    Oh were you calling yourself a loser?? Cos masochism is pain inflicted onself..or were you trying to be sadistic?

    OMG you are in O&M??

  4. Yeah! But you are not gonna fire me, are you? 😉

  5. *Nikhil
    Not unless I am your boss! 😉
    Hows the new office??

  6. What do I say? We had a thought block during the initial days. The place is so IT-IT. SLowly things are getting better. The biggest hurdle however is that it is not a private place at all. The moment you stand up, you feel exposed. THere are so many of them around, sprawling obnoxiously.

  7. u talking to me? u talking…to me? ( reference to Taxi Driver..Al fucking paccino)

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