Saltwater taffy

After a long time here is one song that is worth listening to (considering I am tired of David Guetta and Love is Gone).  I have always thought British Djs were better than American ones.

It’s an awesome remix of Natasha Bedingfield’s I bruise easily and Chicane’s Saltwater.

Even better is this absolutely bluesy trance song:
No ordinary Morning

And John Legend gets sexier!

Green Light


~ by tia on January 27, 2009.

6 Responses to “Saltwater taffy”

  1. This shit is blocked in office and I never remember to check/write blogs at home. [:(]Suddenly realise that I’ve missed a huge number of posts on your blog and its a pretty long backlog to come up to date. Maybe I’ll cheat and only start from last month or so.

    Whatchu’ doin’ Willis?


  2. I wasn’t calling your blog shit, of course. My God, you’re thick, aren’t you? LOL, I mean you’re a perfectly lovely girl, I’m sure but maybe a bit of Shankh-Pushpi once in a while wouldn’t hurt. :p

    Ok ok, I’m sorry, I’m only kidding. I’m good, back in Pune, India and bored to netherworld’s end. What part of India are you in now?

  3. *Guns
    Actually I do agree with you. I have been becoming more stupid…esp when it comes to men and choosing the right man!
    Shankhi Pushpi??Really?? Don’t tell me u used to abuse it!Ever OD’d on it??

    Guess where I am 😉

  4. WHERE are you?
    Are you in Mumbai/Pune? I’m driving to Mumbai tomorrow i.e. Sunday.

  5. *Guns
    If you had read my latest post (latest then – Roadkill) you could have guessed the location…

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