Spring is in the air

Spring is truly in the air. I saw the cutest thing in the elevator today. We were all packed into an elevator and the last people to step in were a couple. Now while I was fighting elbows that were being pushed against me I saw the woman place her head against her husbands shoulder, almost like a hug…It was so cute.

But even better was a father and daughter I saw the other day while riding back home. The father had covered the girl’s eyes and he was leading her to the shop around the corner – you know the mom and pop store with glass jars and metal lids – and got her to choose a chocolate and bought it for her.

But hey don’t feel bad for me…I have friends. Esp this ass who always pisses me off. I was blasting him that day and after I was done calling him an ass****, he cracked a stupid joke about how he was hip because he checks put women esp below the hip area…How do you stay angry after that?


~ by tia on January 23, 2009.

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