jerk-ins in my sandwich

[This one is dedicated to my friend H, Big J and C’chi. I have learned a lot from you guys…thanks. And lets leave the door closed.]

Why? Why do I attract jerks? Is it the desperation writ on my face or…what is it? Is it because I am nice?

I mean so far I have met only jerks. I am thinking all men are jerks.

And it gets so painful that I need to close the door on these people. I mean I know people don’t behave the way I want them to, I do give them the benefit of the doubt, But I also pull the rope when it must be pulled. Right now I am holding three doors closed, and trust me it’s hard.

Things you need to know when dealing with me:

1. I don’t need you (quite contrary to what people think)
2. I don’t have time for you (if you aren’t prepared to give me time)


~ by tia on January 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “jerk-ins in my sandwich”

  1. “I am thinking all men are jerks”



    Whats with the men hating? *Checks Calender*. Oh OK. 😀

  2. *Blah
    ha ha ha you got that right…I have been craving Blueberry Muffins since morning..

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