Duty Howser M.D?

The medical system in India is so scary. I’ve been in Manipal Hospital the whole day, and I can’t get the horrid, nauseating smell of bleach out of my head. The hospitals in Bangalore are so dirty. And not to mention expensive. And with many companies withdrawing medical insurance its getting worse.

Apart from cute doctors, fast talking arab guy and men in suits who love leching, the place is one dirty corner away from a government hospital. I have heard the maternity ward is very dirty. I know the other rooms are as dirty (except the executive suites) and the kind of care you get…scary! The nurses are morose and hardly committed (this is far different from what it was earlier – they had such sweet nurses on the 4th floor). Everything is a rip off and so commercialized…how do these people even sleep at night? We are actually getting ripped of 75 grand for an operation that costs 20 grand!

The last time we were in Manipal, it was 2 years ago. We had had an accident and reached the emergency ward. I was shaken up and mum was hurt. Mum was left in a corner and the first thing the emergency receptionist asks is ‘do you have insurance?’. My brother lost it and screamed at them and asked them to do some first aid at least.

The saddest thing is, apart from Manipal and Mallya there aren’t any good..I mean any relatively better hospitals in Bangalore. For childbirth there are at least private hospitals but for other emergencies?

And the kind of doctors that graduate every year…are quite comparable to the software engineers that leave the hallowed portals of engineering colleges every year. I see my boss and other colleagues running circles because the doctors can diagnose what the problem is when they are sick!

I am so glad I have the best doc in the city to run to when I am sick…I mean ill! His diagnosis is quick and on the money. If he were a software engineer he’d be the CTO by this time!


~ by tia on January 23, 2009.

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