Another day of the week

I always thought this movie was overrated. I realize it is underrated.

Watching Naseerudin Shah in action reminded me of R K Lakshman’s ‘Commmon Man’. And that’s how he addresses himself.

The movie revolves around two characters on a particular wednesday – the Police Commissioner of Mumbai (Anupam Kher)  and a man (Naseruddin Shah) who calls him and threatens to set off 5 bombs that have been placed in different parts of the city. He uses an ambitious journalist as his eyes as she covers the story. The movie starts in a light manner with the goofball Gaurav Kapoor as the bollywood hero who has been threatened by the underworld and is asked to pay up 25 lakhs.  It also gives us a background of the two main policemen in the story – the angry-young-man Atif (Jimmy Shergill, btw whatever happened to Jugal Hansraj? Guess he’s been replaced by Imran Khan!) and the-family-man Jai (Aamir Bashir).

Brilliant dialogues that are so patriotic…they shake you from your complacency. They make you wanna stand up and write a letter to the PM for being so spineless.

This movie made me think and I realized two things:

1. The media is so desperate for news that we (though I am not a journalist anymore) are ready to do anything.  From Kareena Kapoor’s love life to Angelina Jolie’s kids – everything is breaking news. What will it be next – a shot of the Ganges with the headlines ‘The water in river Ganga flows’. Yes ladies and gentlemen, it doesn’t trickle.. it flows.
The media had no right to air everything during the terror attack on Mumbai. We are the watch dog of the society, yes, that’s the basic journalistic principle; but the media should also consider what is good for the society and be aware of the consequences of their actions. Nobody was thinking during the whole attack;  none of the channels. Instead of showing where the security men are standing, how about showing maps or something? I know you need images for an audio-visual medium, but are you saying it is difficult to find relevant harmless pictures for the attack?

Btw TV news association has come up with a few guidelines for TV News coverage. A little late but much welcomed.

2. How spineless this government is. As the ‘common man’ says in this movie – we seem to get used to all this. All the defense minister says is – India will not indulge in a war. Bullshit. India is scared. Why can’t India learn from Israel and Mossad? I agree BJP were Hindu Extremists, but trust me, because of Vajpayee Government, the Pak Govt and ISI didn’t dare to play the fool. The Kargil war scared them enough. This goverment cannot talk tough. maybe it is time we outsourced the goverment, it would increase accountability. Bloody buddas who need to retire. All they do is sit around and talk about Nehru and Gandhi bloodlines. The Congress was supposed to have been disbanded in 1945 after we gained freedom, why is it even existing?? One party is worse than the other, what a country it has turned out to be. Somehow all this makes Shiv Sena look good. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.  Is Hindutva extremism the only answer to the terrorism? The british are gone, Divide and Rule is not part of the 2000 and beyond.

And this brings me to the final point. Vote. Make your voice heard. Even if your company is not a part of the Jaago Re initiative, sign up for it.

Go to: and register. Now.


~ by tia on January 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “Another day of the week”

  1. and then we move on..

  2. *Sandeep
    Fortunately or unfortunately thats how life is…

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