Hostel..uh no PG *scary music*

So, I decided to take a walk on the wild side..I moved out.

Well I moved in on Saturday and went back home for the night. And Sunday I went back to my PG in the afternoon. I have never climbed so many stairs in my life..With a f***ing 20 Kg sky bag! We have these tiny wooden spiral staircase to my room on the 2nd floor and carrying the bag was like carrying Fred Flintstone’s car to my room.

We settled down and put our clothes into the ant infested cupboards and decided to shop for supplies. Considering Princess Leia didn’t have any money I swiped for the groceries. We went back and I heated the milk and kept it into the fridge for this morning’s cornflakes and cereal.

Now Princess Leia (a typical delhi/Gurgaon Punjabi girl – waif like with light eyes, the typical M&B heroine. FYI – if you thought we mal were taking over the world, think again. I am surrounded by Punjabis. Especially the Delhi variety. If ever the punjabis decided to eradicate the mals, I’d be the first and the easiest target.) works the night shift and needs her sleep. She needs the fan on in the maximum speed so that I can’t feel my feet after sometime. She can’t handle the door being opened and closed many times because more than the pea (and the ants under her bed) this wakes her up..Aaaaaw!

So I wake up in the morning zap my morning sugarless milk and step in gingerly into the tiny bathroom for my bath. And suddenly I hear music…no it’s not angels coming down from heaven to rescue me, but someone playing ‘dil hain chota sa, choti si asha’ on keyboard!! I was least amused because I was busy trying to dress in a small 4 X 4 portion of the bathroom. See I have never lived with another girl before, forget living with a room mate before. So I am unaware of the room mate etiquette. Do you strip in front of the other girl? Do you smack her head when she leaves the sanitary towels around? And me being me, I can’t strip in front of another person. I mean when I used to go for college trips or to the college hostel girls used walk around in their undergarments (Boys, boys, stop salivating.) I’d rather have a guy strip or walk around in his boxers in my apartment.

I finally got dressed, ran to the kitchen zapped some more milk for my cereal and ate it in the balcony. I then picked up my keys and ran out. I walked down the road and realized I had walked out in my bathroom slippers. I ran back and changed into heels and ran out.

I just can’t imagine going back and cooking. I am so tired and mind f***ed.

Mama I am coming home!Also I am ready to marry the next guy my parents choose if he can cook and look after me. Nothing more, nothing less. I am a spoilt brat. I have learned to accept it.

On the way to office we passed the Headbanger road. Oh the official name is Bellandur lake road (Or something to that effect). The road is so miserable with pot holes and stones, it looks like the people in the vehicle are headbanging.

If any car company wants to create a TVC,  here is my story board:

Close-up shot of a guy headbanging <rock music>

V/O – Bad roads rocking your world?

Zoom out to a guy driving and headbanging.

<car name and details of the car>


~ by tia on January 5, 2009.

7 Responses to “Hostel..uh no PG *scary music*”

  1. woes of a single spoilt girl continues.. 😛 😀

  2. aww..poor u!!
    btw cool ad!obtain a patent for it right away!:)

  3. now this is the third time I have read about ladies in PG’s complaining about Delhi ladies!!! You moved out!!! OMG!! How!!!

  4. As far as your script for the ad is concerned, I am sorry to use the most feared words in the advertising industry – “It’s been done!” 🙂

  5. *Sandeep
    I know! It’s scary world out there for us!

    *perturbed perceiver
    will do!But I am not planning to move to an ad job anytime soon! 😀

    Yeah delhi ladies are hot I’ll admit but they are spoilt and absolute air heads. They lack the charisma and class Bangalore girls have. Yes I did!

    No it hasn’t! which one??

  6. Punjabis are hot!!!!!!!! (atleast most of them)!!!

    I’d be more than happy living with a girl roomie!!!

    There goes sushie with her fears. When I lived in dorms, seriously the only thing I wore (or anyone else) to the bathroom was a towel. Same thing for women too btw (who lived on the same floor, and had rooms right next to mine- LOVE US SCHOOLS!!). And you don’t even change clothes in front of your roomie? Sheesh, a bit paranoid?

    Why do you drink coffee without sugar? Diabetic?

    Roommates are fun, I think you are probably over-reacting (what else is new eh? I kid I kid..) because this is the first time you are having a roommate. Unless the other person is a total loser, it usually turns out great.

    • Heh heh…Nah i think Punjabis are really not datable. Most of them are cute (operative word – Most) remember Jaspreet 5 years ago??
      And i’d be more than happy to live with John Abraham! Ha ha ha you wore a only a towel, what were you trying to do scare kids??
      hey I don’t even change clothes in front of my mom, forget a roomie!!
      Nah my roomie turned out to be quite a p.i.the.a**

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