New year…didn’t that happen last year too?

Well so it’s a new year.

Man it still feels like 1998. I mean yeah it is 2008…No, 2009!! but it’s like my head is still in the 90’s. Just like my mind is still stuck in my teen years.

What is it like to grow older? I mean I don’t feel a day older than 18. I am still as reckless, irresponsible, short-sighted (both eye-sight and vision) and a dreamer. In 11 days I am gonna hit a quarter century. Oh don’t worry my quarter life crisis started when I turned no I think when I was born. As they say, Capricorn women are born 30.

I mean I am all Jiggy with it…I am talking about technology (I am above average in the latest technologies and gadgets – Kindle, Blogs, I-pod, I-pill, time machine…). But somewhere I am stuck in atime-warp.

So here are my resolutions:

1. I will not surround myself or encourage negative and rude people. One way of doing that is carrying a Louisville slugger with me.

2. I have two dreams I need to achieve. I will give my all this year to achieve it. Hope the mother ship blesses me in the endeavor.

3.This year is gonna be all about me. Also myself and I.

4. I will not make anymore friends. Man it’s hard just to maintain the ones I already have.

5. I am gonna indulge in emotions. I could end up being all 7 dwarfs in one.

6. Miscellaneous. You gotta make room for change.

To all my friends (including the ones that don’t even have the decency to reply to an e-card),  fellow blogger-mateys and the world itself (which I have often wanted to stop and get off) – may this year pass quicker than 2008…also, Big Dude in the Sky,  can I please be etherized this year?



~ by tia on December 31, 2008.

9 Responses to “New year…didn’t that happen last year too?”

  1. happy new year lady.Do you even bother to reply to emails!!,..I haven’t got any in the past 4 months.

  2. Hope the new year brings for you and your family happiness, peace and new opportunities for celebration! 🙂

    All the best with ur 4th goal for the year! 😀 that looks like the toughest to me!

  3. *ancientmariner
    I don’t need an email to convey my good thoughts 🙂 I am sending them out everyday!

    Thanks girl, wish you the same! *Chuckle* I know! Somehow I am a geek and jerk magnet AND a friend magnet 🙂

  4. may this year pass quicker than 2008

    I want it to stand still at the best of moments 🙂
    I’m already feeling too old as the time zips past 😀

  5. *Sandeep
    Oh I prefer time passing me by me…slow time is so painful..
    Dude who are you, Peter pan?? “Stand still at the best of the moments” it seems…geez!
    Oh don’t worry considering I am still single I am looking at old age home options already…

  6. I don’t wanna live till i grow old.. Peter Pan sounds fun 😀 😛

  7. Happy New Year Tia. An year ends, another starts. It gives us yet another chance to romance with life. (he he he..well, I published something on the same lines on my blog).

    I have only one resolutions in 2009. I will not surrender to anything. Every year I made the same resolution. A list scars me so I settled for one.

    I wish you achieve what you’ve resolved.


  8. *Sandeep
    Ahem..Peter Pan is considered a gay symbol…!

    Wish you a Happy New Year Ravish! I am sure 2009 will turn out to be great 🙂

  9. wtf.. wiki didn’t say that 😛

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