Standing here
I see you looking at me
Don’t look away
I know how this will end.

Across the bank
In the fog
I can hardly see your face
But I can see her hold your hand
I always told you I’d understand
If you walked away, rather than if you stayed

Don’t think me bad
Don’t think me desperate
All I wanted to do was talk to you
But you still see me in the old light.


~ by tia on December 26, 2008.

3 Responses to “Stranded”

  1. Absolutely, add me! I like what I see here, too! I’ve added you, as well.

    “Don’t think me bad/Don’t think me desperate” – powerful in their weakness – I believe we’ve all been right here, bare and open, hurting, begging.

  2. *poeticgrin
    Thanks Bry! Guess I was in one of those dark moods :)..wonder what gets you writing..

  3. You can write a poem only when you are emotional.
    How true!

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