Pilgrim’s progress

Today, for the first time in a long time I went to a temple.

I went to the Sai Baba temple on Cambridge Main Road and I must say times have changed!

See I got down there bcos my parents said they’d pick me up..and since this month the balance in my card is down to zero I decided I’d wait for them to pick me up. And on an impulse I decided to visit the temple with my parents and my mum was delighted. Her non-commi, atheist daughter visiting the temple?? Let’s email the family e-group!

Well the problem here is that I had had fish & chips and a pina colada for lunch. And well you know the temple rules. So I washed my face and gargled my mouth and walked in. Well I got to the altar and there was a marble stone with Sai Baba’s footprint carved on it and there was this aggressive volunteer lady who looked at me and said ‘Sai Ram’ and I just stood there non-plussed. I did want to say – ‘Right back at ya’…

I drank the teerth (holy water) and I think it reacted with the Vodka in my system, cos after that I had the meanest and most evil thoughts for everybody. We were in the queue for prasaad and I saw this vociferous lady and her vociferous kid making a huge racket. And I was thinking “Man that lady is ulgy.So is her kid. Stupid gavaar bihari marwaris. Can’t they even behave in a city. You can spot a gavar anywhere – the oiled hair, the synthetic sari..hmph!”

There was a lady near the lamp and she stood for five minutes placing her hand over it and then touching her forehead..and I was thinking: ” move it lady, don’t hog the flame.”

And then I observed everyone touching three phots of Sai Baba and I thought wryly: “You do realize that all three photos are of Sai Baba..?”

When it was my turn I quickly touched the photo and walked away and waited for my mum. Mum came up and asked me: ‘you finished so quickly?’ I retorted: I wasn’t hanging onto the photo like the others.

And when I went to pick up my slipper from the rack the guy chucked the slippers onto the counter! Hah…see if I ever give him my Minolos or Choos for him to watch..

Ps: For those who don’t know me..I am slowly moving away from atheism to..believeing in something. I believe there might be a power above us..God/Alien ship/Angels..whatever. And sometimes I think God doesn’t exist and everything that happens in our life is because of chance..probability and permutation and Combination. (God might just be a Math Professor!)


~ by tia on December 25, 2008.

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  1. phew!

  2. *Sandeep

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