Where have all the Bangaloreans gone??

Seriously, where are all the bangaloreans?

I wanna meet a Bangalorean who has been here all his/her life. I am not being a region-ist or talking about Kannadigas (Cos by that definition
I wouldn’t be a Bangalorean). I am talking about..people who love a coffee in India Coffee House, eat butta on MG road, Sunday Brunch at
pecos, foodies who love an intelligent conversation in a coffee shop, browsing for books on MG road, eating at woodies on Commercial St,
going to Infant Jesus Church irrespective of your religion, Going to Bangalore club,  Coffee and MDs (masala dosas) in a darshini, who love noodles from Mainland China or China Pearl or Blue Heaven (remember blue heaven) or Wanley and can tolerate a darshini Gobi manchuri (an), ice cream dinners at Lakeside Lakeview Ice cream parlor (Lakeside Hospital was where I was born!), Mango Kulfi during summer at Bowring petrol bunk, shopping at Safina Plaza, timepass visits to some random exhibition in palace grounds, Siiting at Sankey Tank, concerts by S P Balasubramanium/Yesudas in Palace grounds, Rolls from fanhoos, visiting the kadlekai parise…the list is endless.

And that’s what I want – I want someone I can talk to about school and college – oh do you know ABC he was the school captain? or oh during Cul-ah in year —- XYZ performed…or Oh for In Bloom 02 Thermal and a Quarter performed…or were you there for last year’s Freedom Rock? Or
do you remember prof CDE he was so irritating…or Remember the 01 Cottons Vs Jospehs Cricket match?

I work in an IT company where people come from diverse cultures. And I always wondered why I was never truly comfortable with any of
them…and then I realized we bangaloreans are like stags from the same family. A bangalorean can recognize another easily and we can get along
with each other irrespective our regional backgrounds. We have the same ambitions, tastes, ideas, etc

And that’s the kinda guy I wanna marry – a Bangalorean. We somehow can’t let go of the herd mentality!


~ by tia on December 19, 2008.

4 Responses to “Where have all the Bangaloreans gone??”

  1. think global lady…rise above these thoughts:D..marry a non banglorean…;)

  2. Apparently Bangloreans eat a lot, hahahaaha.

    So let me get this right. You want to marry someone who you connect with, and you feel like you connect with the “Banglorean” person the most because they have the most in common with you?

    At the risk of sounding harsh, DUUHHHHH???

    Everyone wants to meet and be with people they don’t associate with. Not like you drive by someone and say “Oh look, that person is so different than me, MARRY ME!!!”

  3. Ok ignoring the penultimate sentence, i am a Bangalorean.

    When people ask me ‘are you kannadiga?’ or say ‘You don’t know much about Karnataka.. you should know about your state’ etc. I say i am not Kannadiga, I am a Bangalorean. I’ve lived here all of my life.. And done/experienced most of the things you’ve mentioned, if not all…
    I knew my dad and grandfather were Bangaloreans.. and to know how deep i was rooted here i inquired my granny.. and to my surprise not just my great grand father but also my great great grand father (couldn’t get details of his father) were based in Bangalore.

  4. *ancientmariner
    Hmm tried that..didn’t work…unless its Hugh Jackman of course

    Bangaloreans eat a lot?? where do you get that from?
    No Al…i wanna be with someone I can understand and..feel comfortable with, connect with…

    My Granddad came here to study..so I guess we’ve been here for more that 60 years…Yeah so we are a couple of Bloreans!

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