Well, somedays are just like that.

Well…today was…nice.

For starters, the Grinch actually appreciated a mailer I had written.

And then my friend ABC sent me flowers! See ABC knew I was having a bad week, and decided to cheer me up! And that too Orchids – my favorite (second favorite being lilies). I still haven’t stopped smiling…

Thanks, ABC.

Flowers in my workstation

Of course, the rest of the day went in work (and intersting work – the kinda work I like), but wow I feel alive.


~ by tia on December 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “Well, somedays are just like that.”

  1. flowers?..damn…i wish someone send me flowers…on second thoughts i wud be more hapy if someone buys me a round..u girls are just easy to please..

  2. *tys
    *chuckle* tys….!
    Of course we are easy to please just a few diamond rings and gucci shoes should do it. OH or Jimmy Choos!

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