Going under

“Please help daddy”,Β  she whispered. She kept trying to push her body up and float.

She stuck her hand out to hold his leg but he moved away. She was losing grip and her fingers scratched the dry mud.

She back into the water hole and tried to breathe under the water. She was getting breathless, her body was fighting to get more air into her lungs. She finally gave up and the water closed in on her. She looked through the water and the legs were still standing on the bank. And then there was darkness.

…and then she woke up from her dream.

Except it wasn’t one. It was her life.


~ by tia on December 9, 2008.

9 Responses to “Going under”

  1. I see the depression is back.

    Whats wrong though? I feel like I’m missing something with you. I don’t see the unfortunate, star-crossed, girl you seem to make yourself out to be. For whats its worth, I think you have a lot of things that millions of women would LOVE to have (Mainly having the opportunity to talk to me, but I digress…), yet you seem unhappy.

    To me, I think you keep believing in an utopian life, where all the breaks are good, but no one goes through that life. You ask anyone over 50 about their life, and I’ll bet you NO ONE says their life was easy. Everyone has trouble in life.

    I don’t see why you go on and off into depression.

  2. *Blah
    Honey I am not depressed! It is true I have a noir side to me.And it helps me write good stories like this one.
    Nope I dont believe in a Utopian life, in fact i think I have a very pessimistic view of life.
    I know life isnt easy. I have reconciled to that.
    Maybe I am missing chatting with you 😦

  3. Get out of this zone by:
    – trying out new things
    – making new acquaintance
    – stopping to think about the past and worry about future.

    Seems cliched.. but it works.. I know it works!! πŸ™‚

  4. *Sandeep
    – been doing that
    – tried that too
    – I am in the process of doing that
    πŸ™‚ I know it works too, but it’s just taking a lot more effort than usual.

  5. I don’t think the depressed state that you go through is some sort of forum you use to write stories, I think the stories are just a byproduct of that state.

    See, thats the real problem. Not talking to me. ANY woman would be unhappy when they can’t talk to me. πŸ˜€

    And you never come online anymore either.

  6. bad dream, eh?..did u know tht drowning is supposedly the worst way to die?..but my fav is still old age..anyways, ur life cant be that bad…for one thing, u can always learn to swim

  7. *Blah
    No time :(. But I promise I will log in on weekends to make fun of you, yes I will. I think its like this: the best music, art and literature is created when people are unhappy/sad. Do you think Metallica or Guns & Roses could have ever had such hits if they weren’t pessimistic and depressed? Or even Frida Kahlo or van Gogh? Or Leo Tolstoy? Or Ted Hughes or Sylvia Plath or Thomas Hardy or Virgina Woolf?

    I think I wanna die falling backwards. But that’s scary because you will inevitably feel pain when you hit the ground.
    Yeah I have learned to swim πŸ™‚ But sometimes it would have been nice if I had a nice yellow boat. Or a yellow submarine!

  8. Nothing comes easy, and that which does won’t last long πŸ˜‰

  9. *Sandeep
    Hmm I don’t think so…anything can last long if you want it to…

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