Joys of being a woman..hmph!

I hate womanhood and all that shit about joys of woman hood. The next person who gives me that Jazz is going to get their mouth cleaned with a toilet brush. Or whacked in the head with my handbag. And considering my handbag contains almost EVERYTHING maybe even a black hole, it will hurt, I kid you not.

So what exactly is joyful about being a woman? Menstrual cramps? PMS and PM Depression? The pain of childbirth? Is it the stupid dreams of a prince charming/Marlboro Man to come and whisk you away from a tyrant boss and a stupid bunch of colleagues who are equal to a bunch of coyotes in the desert? Or is it the fact that we are taken for granted because we are the “weaker sex”? Or is it the double standards? And don’t give ME shit about being given preferential treatment because I am a woman. I have worked as hard as any man out there. I hate being a woman. I think all women are bitches.

And I hate men.

Hmm. So what DO I wanna be?

Maybe a rabbit. Aaaw I do love rabbits. But *shudder* imagine being shot down by a hunter..bang and you’re dead. Or bang and you have multiple kids *chuckle* (Did I actually say that??)

Bad hair day? Call ME frizzy mcguire. I hate my hair these days. It’s always frizzy and static like I walked through some science lab.


~ by tia on December 3, 2008.

5 Responses to “Joys of being a woman..hmph!”

  1. I love your posts 🙂

    (Did I actually say that?? :P)

  2. *Sandeep
    *chuckle* did you??

  3. ahh hmm.. yes i guess “D

  4. lemme help u with a phenomenon called relative misery….ur bad hair day, my dear, is my just another day.. :-/ so peace! 😉

  5. *Saphire
    Hey sistah!Heh heh..misery loves company, what say 😉

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