I’m hungry

Hmm this is weird. I have taken to food to comfort me.

I have these weird cravings. Like I have suddenly started craving Meat Ball Sandwiches with Marinara sauce and melted cheese. I eat chocolates like three times a day. Last night I ate potato chips at midnight.

I ate a KFC zinger meal at 8 pm and by 10 pm I was hungry!

Now I am hungry…I am hungry, I am hungry, I am hungry. I need something to eat, I need Chinese food…chilli pork, gobi manchurian, american chopsuey, anything! So hard to control the temptation. Okay I gave in and ate a banana.

I really need to control my hunger..and my craving for food. I am putting on weight!


~ by tia on November 29, 2008.

4 Responses to “I’m hungry”

  1. moluke orru adi venam…penende ahankaram!!! njan tiriche varumbol oru 50 kg penene kanaaan agrehikyunu..*wipes the sweat*..

  2. stay hungry, stay foolish 😛

  3. *Ancientmariner
    aayoda! endha expectations 😛 Ni thiriche verimbol alle..apol nokam 😛

    Now go and say that to a homeless person at a traffic signal…

  4. Mid-life crisis jokes, C’mon down!!!

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