(This morning I woke up to a headache and a heartache.Watching the news got me more and more angry. I am sure it’s this kind of anger that gets the RSS and the Hindu Fundamentalists going.I actually feel like an arthritic 60 year old, yet the journalist/op-ed in me couldn’t resist blogging about this incident.)

So how much can the maximum city really take? Actually, how much can this country take? And consequently how much can the economy take?
I sense a feeling of jadedness, complacency and anger in Mumbai more than resilience and the need to fight back. People can quote poetry and wax eloquent about the country’s strength, but everybody is a sitting duck.

If India thinks this attack is an opportunity to make a case for itself against Pakistan…think again!It’s so damn easy for the democrats and republicans and other supposed saviors to sit like parrots and speak off a mental teleprompter which flashes a template of three sentences – we condemn the attack, we feel for the family and terrorism will not win. And I am sure in 3 months Obama will visit Pakistan and shake hands with the Pakistani Prime Minister and talk about Bilateral talks with India, while making an undisclosed agreement with Pak to use its army base for American interests. Been there done that.

And it is supposedly the “Indian Mujahideen” that has orchestrated the attack. The terroists have smartly taken an Indian identity so that it will not become an International Incident. So if it is an Indian, local group deal with it locally. This is actually good because even if the terrorists died in an encounter it would not become an International incident – it is an internal matter.

We have also just shown the world how vulnerable we are, that we are always caught unawares and unprepared. I think the RAW and other Non-Intelligent Intelligence agencies should really learn from Mossad and ISI. Why is it that we import terrorists and not expertise in fighting terrorism? These terrorist actually walked in like they were walking in for a lunch buffet and held 2 international hotels and hospitals to ransom. I must say they are getting more and more creative and the Indian security agencies (police, military, RAW etc) are getting more lethargic.

So is it actually time to pass a tough act like the POTA? Maybe it is. Nobody denies that it can be misused, but do politicians actually need a law that is put down in papyrus to misuse their powers? The maximum misuse of the act was in Kashmir. Now I am wondering whether it was a misuse or a good use.


~ by tia on November 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “Bomb-bay”

  1. i doubt there is any blogger who hasn’t expressed his frustration about terrorists some time..

  2. *Sandeep
    I shall take that as a compliment. If it made you think about taking action then I have achieved something.

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