Remember this post? Apparently Dr Seuss had the same idea 54 years ago! (Well he doesn’t call the world a fishbowl but a speck.)

I watched Horton hears a Who. And who should be the voice of Horton but funnyman Jim Carey!I loved the Japanese Manga cartoon style of fighting they have added in the animated movie. It’s brilliant.Well its not fun Ha ha but more funny hee hee.

I believe I had regressed to age 5 last night while watching the movie. I have never reacted this way or got so involved this way in a movie before. I actually started when Vlad attacked Horton the first time. I felt sad when he had to check every clove flower in the patch. I rooted for Horton as he crossed the bridge, and when he fought Vlad. And when the angry mob came..I actually called the Kangaroo a b***h(So much for the regression in mental age.)!I kept telling myself this story should have a happy ending – Horton cannot be caged, he cannot lose the speck, etc.

I realize the story encourages people to rebel and fight for the cause they believe in. And that’s the best thing about most contemporyr animated mvies. They are a lot like the old moral plays – they have the good, the bad and the hero.


~ by tia on November 23, 2008.

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