The man who can’t be moved

I just bumped John Mayer for this hottie.

This month’s crush is Danny O’Donoghue, the lead singer of the Irish Band The Script.

They have come up with the cutest song called The Man who can’t be moved. Oh man, my dream date has changed to Danny singing this song to me (accoustic version of course, I don’t wanna make unrealistic demands now) on a pier with candles and flowers. Sigh!


~ by tia on November 21, 2008.

5 Responses to “The man who can’t be moved”

  1. somebody said.. hope is a good thing 😛
    One month too long, ain’t it?

  2. yup – thsi si a superb song.. currently one of my fav too 🙂

  3. *Sandeep
    Of course it is too long for me, maybe not enough for him 😉

    Love it!

  4. Oh ya.. he’d be wanting more 😛

  5. *Sandeep
    Oh yeah 😛

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