Vanilla Scoop

Wanna watch a time pass movie you can enjoy, yet be part of the excluisve woody allen movie club?

Then watch Scoop.

You have the charming, sophisticated, tall, handsome prince-charming who seems perfect…or is he?

Scoop skims the surface of real and hard hitting journalism, but gives you a peek into journalists as a tribe. Joe Strombel a reknowned and slippery-as-eel journalist dies. He is in a boat with death and other souls when he meets the assistant of a rich businessman called Peter Lyman (hugh Jackman). They start chatting and she tells him that she could have been poisoned by her boss because she had a suspicion that he was the dreaded tarot card serial killer who had a fetish for brunettes with short hair. And Joe smells a scoop and feels horrid that he isn’t alive to crack the case.

Meanwhile, Sid Waterman (Woody Allen) is a magician and during one of the performances he picks Sandra (Scarlett Johanssen) an american student journalist for a college newspaper from the crowd for a vanishing trick. Sandra enters the box and when she does she sees Joe inside it. He tells her about the case and vanishes. After the show is over she goes back and looks for Joe. Joe gives her all the information he has on the case and disappears. She decides to get friendly with Peter Lyman and introduces Sid as her dad. As the investigation progresses, Sandra starts falling in love with Peter and her personal feelings for him seem to blind her to the truth. She reveals her true identity and confesses that she thought Peter was the serial killer.

They go to his country house for the weekend and Sid who isn’t convinced about Peter’s innocence investigates the case further and realizes that Peter had murdered the last victim. He races towards the country house to rescue Sandra. Sandra, in a boat on the lake behind Peter’s country house, is told about the murder that Peter had committed and is pushed over the side of the boat. The police is called but Sandra is still alive because she is actually a very good swimmer.

The movie ends with Sandra getting her (and Joe’s) big scoop published in a major newspaper and Sid is dead because he drove on the wrong side of the road (he being an american in London). We see Sid sitting in the boat on his way and performing magic tricks for the other souls with him.

This is a no-brainer, no frills movie. It has typical Woody Allen wit and style, with excellent dialogues when you least expect it. It’s worth a dekko when you are bored and need something better than one of the braindead bollywood comedies to unwind.


~ by tia on November 20, 2008.

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