Random thoughts of a random mind

What is the worst advise you could ever give a person who is feeling blue?
Be thankful for what you have.

That actually makes you feel worse.

Let’s take an example shall we?

Let’s assume ABC is depressed because…he can’t afford a new car. So you sit with him and you  comfort him and say – be thankful for what you have.

Ding ding ding! big mistake.


Because there are two thoughts running in his mind:

1. XYZ has an audi (i am using audi as an example cos that’s my favorite car), I don’t have one.

2. I am thankful that I am healthy (thinking: oh dear god the poor people dying of AIDS, cancer, etc), I am thankful for my feet and hands (thinking: oh dear now I remember the beggar I saw at the traffic signal), for my job (oh yeah I am the lowest in the food chain, also oh dear all those guys who have been retrenched), and so on and so forth.

See? He just became depressed enough to eat a one kg black forest gateaux and still feel horrid about himself.

Man I didn’t realize but things have definitely changed (I am hoping to go back to school for our annual carol service and relive my childhood yet). I mean we used to be damn happy with the smallest of things. For example – potato chips was a luxury for me (and so were strawberry and chocolate wafers). And back then all we got were those oily chips in plastic bags that had a subtle taste of reheated oil. Which is a far cry from the ridged chips with many exotic flavors that come packed with air (for which btw we pay 90% of the cost. And we also pay to put the producers name on the bag. At least if it were a customised bag of chips with my name all over it, I wouldn’t mind paying the premium price.)

Every summer my mother would buy Rasna and on the first day of our holidays we would make rasna and store it for the rest of the summer. Of course, when the kids in our neighbourhood came over we would proudly serve some. And over the years I must have tried most of the flavors of rasna – from the popular mango and orange to a premium strawberry to a horrid blue color juice which looked like curacao but tasted like bubble gum. But now kids walk in and walk out with Coke and Pepsi. Nobody is sitting and stirring sugar and water in a huge steel vessel on the first day of the summer holidays, anymore.


~ by tia on November 20, 2008.

One Response to “Random thoughts of a random mind”

  1. yeh.. remember the days when rasna and happy was the most luxurious drinks we used to get…

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