My life in Eleven Minutes

It’s like someone was a witness to my life and wrote about me. This book is brilliant. It’s about a young ambitious girl who has had her heart broken several times and decides love isn’t for her. She is a beautiful woman who is digruntled with romance and decides to leave Brazil for Switzerland for a job she doesn’t understand, till she reaches the snowy city and realizes she is one of the cabaret girls. She is paid lesser than promised and she leaves the cabaret to become a prostitute. The first time she sleeps for money she cries her heart out for forcing herself do what she never thought she would. She tries to logically reason that, if she is going to sleep with a man as well gain something from it. She is also, at this time, desperate for money to get back to Brazil. She earns the money she needs for the ticket back home and earns a bit more to buy a farm for her family to survive.

And then she meets a man who wants her the way she never thought anybody would want her…they way she was scared to believe possible. He is a famous artist she meets in a cafe who paints her while creating a collage on Switzerland. Are they meant to be together? Is it love? Do they fall in love with each other? Or is he just looking for sexual healing?

The first half of the book till she gets to Swizerland was..something that blew my mind. I have no qualms in saying that it was like 80% of my story was taken and written in this book. I don’t know how many women have felt the same way. The little boy with the pencils..I have lost touch with him. And the drape guy..I don’t even know where he is!

It is really freaky to read a book where someone has written about a life quite similar to yours.. And the worst thing is the book has a happy ending! And I don’t ever think my life would end that way.


~ by tia on November 16, 2008.

9 Responses to “My life in Eleven Minutes”

  1. really?

    kinda grew out of paulo…i loved alchemist…still thinks that hes a wonderful human being but its a bit like richard bach thingy, kind of grow out of it..

  2. Well… I don’t expect anything to last for that long. So, I will bask in it while it lasts… 😀

  3. And just one more thing, do I know you from somewhere? Your comment leads me to believe that.

  4. aan is it really your STORY? i tgt u had one every week … (winks in sarcasm) LOL

  5. ohh i forgot the best part? the sleeping around part must be in the 20% isnt it and yeah so also the less pay part !!!

  6. *Tys
    I thought I was over him too…but this book…it was scary!

    The eleven minutes is for how long it takes for the act of lovemaking (sex)..
    Maybe you do, maybe you don’t 😛

    Hmm how do you assume and judge based on one post?

  7. Am I missing something completely here??? Like a logical answer to my query 😉 When did I talk about love making? I was just referring to the comment you made on my blog. Goodness, I am tripping here.

  8. 80% like your story eh? HAAHAHAHAHAH

    See I have nothing funny to say, but me just laughing will make you think I caught something you wrote, 😀

  9. *Nikhil
    I think I have answered your question..It was an FYI

    That wont work 😛

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