November Rain

I lost my mind yesterday.
It was sorely missed.

I am a hippie gypsy – i love no one, I hate no one, I care for no one.
In the words of Jason hetfield – Where I lay my head is home.

I now have a groucho marx fetish.

My discovery for the month: Brandy by Red Hot Chilli peppers.

I crave doughnuts. Every guy I meet I equate him to a doughnut.If he is someone I might like (which is VERY rare these days) then he’s a
chocolate doughnut with hazelnuts and walnuts. If he is someone I have lukewarm affections for then he’s a peanut and sugar coated doughnut.

My best friend has decided to pour her thoughts into a very public circus called blogging. I welcome VB to the arena!
She blogs here:

Please to read and leave comments.

Gaaa!!*tears hair out* (And everyone would naturally believe I tore my hair out a la britney because I was heartborken). It’s like i pay 800 bucks for broadband just to not send anything! I seem to pay to lose data packets than to send/receive any.

The Downtimes!

The Downtimes!


~ by tia on November 14, 2008.

3 Responses to “November Rain”

  1. :)…havent checked on u for a long time…was reading all the posts i had missed…

    welcome back tia.

  2. ehem… James.. ehem… Hetfield

  3. *Tys
    thanks tys 🙂

    I always do that – I confuse jason newsted and james hetfield.

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