Have a little patience..

I am apparently healing!And becoming more Hippie-like…and hippo like!

I have started smiling again, though I do get lost in a world of my own. It’s the coolest thing! I have like a whole matrix in my head. And I have stopped caring. About anything. About anybody.

Of course there are few people who mean a lot to me – In office, my mentor/best friend, My college and school friends, people I met on the way – Shakes, Bass guitarist dude, experthand, blah, bekku – people who really helped me through the trauma of a break up. People I could just call up and cry – one of those scenarios where they pick up the phone and they can hear a continuous low pitched squeak!I just feel so bad that my work takes up so much time I can’t even have a proper 5 minute conversation. Sometimes I don’t know whether I am coming or I am going…

Also, I got me a tan I am damn proud of! I look like a big bar of nougat *laughs*. I always wanted a tan, I always thought I look too fair.

I have started cracking stupid jokes! Just like before. Now that’s the biggest sign that I am healing. I have also stopped talking too much..actually I swing between verbal diarrhea and complete sagacious silence.

I am glad the band aid came off.

P.s: Watching frasier helps me – it’s a right mix of psychology, cerebral dialogues and wackiness.

Read frasier quotes here


~ by tia on November 13, 2008.

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