Dream, Dream dream dream – All I Have to do is Dream

“Maybe that whole love thing is just a grown-up version of Santa Claus; just a myth we’ve been fed since childhood. So, we keep buying magazines, joining clubs, and doing therapy and watching movies with hit pop songs played over love montages all in a pathetic attempt to explain why our love Santa keeps getting caught in the chimney” – Kate & Leopold

I am known to believe in dream interpretation. Being a neo-freudian, pseudo-psychoanalayst I find my dreams scary, yet interesting.

Last night’s was, as usual, scary. See i’ve been crying every night past two weeks, over my failed relationship. I have no qualms in saying that I miss him and want him back and I am hurt by his sob attitude, and I know it would be the biggest mistake of my life if I ever took him back.I was also thinking of my brother, how we have drifted apart over the past three months. And last night I decided to let go. I decided to let him find his way, and realized he doesn’t need me anymore (FYI: he is older than me!)

This was my dream: My brother is driving the car and I am sitting in the seat next to him. Behind my cousins (another bro-sis duo) are sitting. Suddenly, my brother loses control or takes a wrong turn and the car falls headlong into an abyss. We hit the ground and the car overturns. I see my cousins crawl out and I crawl out too, but my brother doesn’t. And I realize he is.. well not alive. I am trying to pull him out and I know he isn’t…alive. And I can smell death..like burning flesh. And I am panicked…

So I tried interpreting the dream. See this is what I could figure: It could mean that things have changed between me and brother. Death: The end of a certain phase of my life (or a relationship with my ex) and smell of death and the overturned car I couldn’t figure!

P.s: For those who didn’t get it, the title is a Roy Orbison’s song


~ by tia on October 31, 2008.

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