The won, the one

I have resisted and still resist being influenced on choice of books. So much so, that I didn’t read this book (I look to three people for book recommendations – My uncle, my mentor and my boss) even whem my boss and my colleague recommended it.

Finally, my friend had to shove the book in my hands for me to actually read it. Reluctantly, I read the first chapter and then couldn’t stop.

Almost Single is a book about an Indian version of a Bridget Jones, slightly overweight, single woman looking for the one. The book captures the tightrope walk Indian urban women walk when they reach “marriageable age”. The conflict between the need to be independent yet need someone, need to fit. It is brilliantly funny, and the cynicism is still present like soft, lilting background music.

The protagonist Aisha Bhatia, A 29 year old singleton, who still has feelings for her ex finds an eligible man. But when he proposes marriage (because he has read bout her in a matrimony website where her mother had put up the profile) she freaks out and he leaves. Does she get him back? Or is he lost forever?

It is a lot like Meera Syal’s life isn’t all ha ha hee hee (my favorite book) but a bit more chick lit.

The weirdest thing is, I can’t seem to read the last two chapters. Because somehow it feels…so familiar. And I know I can’t get the one I had found back so I have just stopped reading the book.


~ by tia on October 26, 2008.

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  1. long time….how u doin girl??

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