A lot can happen over a Cafe

Today, after a long time I went to the Cafe Coffee Day near my house. See the past few times I’ve been there I was there with my now ex bf. Today I was alone and the CCD waitress kept waiting for my ex bf to come and claim me…something even I wasn’t waiting for!

I have a fear of being in/eating in a restaurant alone. But today it felt nice that I was sitting alone and eating, and didn’t fall off my plush, bedbug ridden, cane sofa due to a panic attack. This is all thanks to the conditioning by my friends and their brain washing to get
me to eat in a restaurant alone and enjoy my own company. I must say I wasn’t enjoying myself! really! eeeyuh!

So back to the CCD near my place…See my brother and I have different dating cycles (akin to our Airtel billing cycles). When I am in a relationship he Isn’t in one, and when he’s in one I am single. Which is good because that way one person is at home and doesn’t bump into the other in a CCD. But this time around, both of us were in a relationship at the same time (not in the same one, you freak). And we were quite freaked about bumping into each other and having to introduce our bf/gf to our bro/sis.

Thankfully, CCD being the Genghis khan of retail coffee F&B there are three CCDs near our place (one a walkable distance from home). So we divided territory and decided that the one close to home would be mine and the one on 12th main and 100 ft road would be his. Of course,we did negotiate on the 12th main CCD cos I find it the best CCD in B’lore,and decided 12th main would be shared cost centre (literally) and we would intimate each other before we went there. And thus our bro/sis knew we were going to CCD even before our gf/bf did, because before we decided where to meet out gf/bf we would call each other to find out where the other was!

A lot can happen over a cafe!


~ by tia on October 25, 2008.

One Response to “A lot can happen over a Cafe”

  1. So let me get this straight.

    You and your bro were fine with the idea of the other having a bf/gf but out of the fear of not wanting to introduce your OWN bf/gf decided against meeting them?

    Who do you guys date? Secret CIA agents?

    Whats wrong with meeting your bro’s gf or him meeting your bf? The whole idea of avoiding meeting your love life and your family is your family resisting that you HAVE a love life.

    Tia: So paranoid. Has trouble eating alone (a good amount of people have this problem- to the point that in the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall, they make fun of this), has trouble letting her bro see her bf(s), etc.


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