Project Heartbreak

There was once a boy with a scar. And there was once a girl with a scar. He had a scar on his eyebrow and she had hers on her heart (all right put the Kleenex back in, it’s not that sad!). They met and he asked her out. He hoped she would accept him with this scar. She was scared. Acceptance of his scar meant a possibility of her receiving another scar. She hesitated and then she accepted him. And then the boy with the scar one day realized he wasn’t in love with the girl anymore! He told her so and they parted ways. Of course that meant she was scarred again.

And now the girl with the scars just exists. Every day she pretends she is fine and every night she cries and curses herself for being foolish. See her hope was that some day, despite her reluctance somebody ask her to love him and she would. She would be asked to take the plunge and she would…

Well what do you know I lied about the story being sad!

I have decided to start an online support group for all the heartbroken women out there. It’s called project heartbreak.

So what is Project Heartbreak?

Project heartbreak is an online support group for heartbroken women. Considering I have been through heartache and the pain of a break up, I understand what it is like go through separation. I cannot guarantee I will be able to give you advice (I am trying to rope in a counselor friend) as I am not authorized to do so (despite the Bachelors in Psychology!). But I can listen to you and share my experience with you, if need be.
If there are enough responses, I will activate the Google group I have created.

You can e-mail me at –

All e-mails (except spam) will receive a reply.


~ by tia on October 23, 2008.

6 Responses to “Project Heartbreak”

  1. perfect… i will sen all my ex-gfs to u.. πŸ˜€

  2. So if I send an email there, I will get a reply, but if I send you messages on yahoo, it is ignored? Hmmmmmmmmmmm πŸ˜€

    See again, associated with men. Miss I’m going to avoid men, now creates a group that mainly talks about relationships with………………………..MEN (Man, if you are traditional, :D)

  3. *N
    Sure thing, I am the healer!

    Honey we can’t use yahoo messenger at work….

  4. hm.. only for women? not fair πŸ˜›

  5. Where were you over 4 months ago when I was trying to flush my heart down the toilet?!!! lol this is a great idea, though. Good luck with it!

  6. My previous blog is on blogger, but I’m converting to wordpress lol… the link is:

    I hope you don’t mind, but I’d like to add you to my blogroll! =]

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