Ramp Up

I am on a ramp up mode!

I have three books to read – Atlas Shrugged, Veronica decides to die and Eleven Minutes.

I have decided to not let ANY man near my heart. Cursed be I, if I do.

I am gonna be invincible. No man with his quiver of arrows is gonna hurt me. I am gonna be a heartless bitch.

More goals on the way….


~ by tia on October 22, 2008.

3 Responses to “Ramp Up”

  1. read atlas shrugged… and then re-read it.. let the other two books wait…

  2. The local library is on standby, prepared for the assault impending for them.

    You know for a gir….errr woman….that has a job and a lifetime of opportunities ahead of her, you see awfully concerned about men. Half the posts here are about how you want to meet the love of your life, how someone else met the love of their life, how men haven’t clicked in your life, how men are pigs. I’m starting to think you’re obsessed about men, like your personal sanity actually depends on the men in your life, or lack thereof.

    I say stop worrying about men (again, after meeting me, all other men seem like disappointments, :D). Worry about your self. Love doesn’t come easily. If it was easy, it wouldn’t be so special when you find it. Stop thinking about all the possible men in your life.

    But at the same time, don’t just avoid men (or atleast return my messages, :D) because thats like going cold turkey on a habit. Then, the next time you meet men, you’re going to fall harder and faster in love than ever before, even if there is no potential in the relationship.

    There, my special diagnosis. Give me your address, I’ll send my bill there, 😀

  3. *Anoop
    reading it

    Wow strong message. Somehow I end up having more guy friends than women friends. And friends are a big part of my life. Thus the large no of posts on men.

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