We are born innocent

Have you ever been kicked in the stomach?

I feel like that right now.

Have your worst fears come true?

Mine have.

I have actually sat and heard my ex boyfriend stand and tell me that he doesn’t love me and he was telling me stuff I wanted to hear!

This morning I stood in my friends kitchen and thought that I wouldn’t end up single like the 29 year old singleton we were talking about. That was my arrogance. In the evening I was single again! It’s like the McDonald’s of relationships –
In the morning you are a couple and the evening you are single again.

I have decided to join one of the art of living courses. I..always thought I’d end up a nun though!


~ by tia on October 19, 2008.

One Response to “We are born innocent”

  1. relationships…

    it’s time people realise that its best to take things light…
    now that you have this experience i would advice you to move on and not sit depressed…
    life’s like that… sometimes you land out of a relationship and sometimes you want to run out of one… both are learning experiences…


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