Blue Knight

I have always been a dark person, like a huge black hole (literally! I can suck up all your enthu if I really wanted to!).

I have always been the one on the other end of the spectrum. The one on the wrong side of the river.

I remember watching Unbreakable and not understanding the concept of heroes. And then.. I did! It was a moment of serendipitous acceptance. Heroes are created because of one superhuman capability. Tragic Heroes are what they are because of one fault that helps them fall from grace. And villains?

They are what they are because they are the complete opposite of good yet something good in him which gives him a certain amount of hope for redemption.

People say it is not easy being a hero. Trust me it’s not easy being a villain either.

Villains are the ones people love to hate. Think that’s an easy cross to bear? Think again.

Villains are they are what they never thought they’d be…the thing they tried hard not to be. They are aware they shouldn’t be what they are, that it’s unfair that they were given this burden. Sounds familiar?

It reminds me of the movie Omen. The guy doesn’t want to be the anti-christ. He doesn’t want to be the anti-thesis of everything that is acceptable and loved. But he is given that role. Wasn’t his cross heavy too?

But I revel in being the villain. I revel in being the target of hate. I like being kept aloof and for being treated unfairly. Why? Because it’s a bigger sacrifice than what any human is capable of handling.

And thus a martyr is born. Or is it the anti thesis of good and a anti social being?


~ by tia on October 15, 2008.

4 Responses to “Blue Knight”

  1. being a villain is never easy… but then who is villain and who is hero? all depends on view points, i say…

    and you a black hole? nah.. u r a radiator 🙂

  2. You know whats a black hole? Your message system!!!! What happened to all the messages I left you? Wahhhhhhhhhh

    and really whats up? handing out roles now? Heroes? Villans? Let me guess, hallucinations?

    Villans don’t have to conform to the rules of society, they make their own rules. While it maybe a burden to bear the cross of shame, the freedom from conformity makes up for it.

  3. *Anoop
    But most accepted is what is a common thought in a society’s mind.
    Thank you! You are a radiator too!

    Is the freedom worth it?

  4. damn u r still stuck on that batman movie…got to see it!

    you are forgetting a major part in ur whole post… ur own part…wheres u in any role that is assigned to u?…wht abt ur choices?…we are still able to choose the path or the role we want to play out…everything else is justification…dont u think?

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