You just might be in love when..

1. When MLTR and Backstreet Boys songs sound ‘nice’

2. You stop using Garnier Light. You realize you are glowing even without it! *cheesy*

3. You are called “Smiley” by your boss (bless her) because you seem to be smiling a lot.


~ by tia on September 18, 2008.

7 Responses to “You just might be in love when..”

  1. smell of love in the air, eh? 😉

  2. hmmm..;)

  3. 😀

    Cheesy, really 😀

  4. ahem ahem…cough cough..

  5. ………Men are animals post in 3……2………1…

  6. talk abt a back flip!


  7. *anoop
    *chuckle* maybe 😉


    Ha ha ha tried really hard to make sure it didnt turn out cheesy..

    gale mein kich kich??

    Sweetie not this time!:O

    Talking about backflips…!

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