Wild Things

I have decided to scare off every prospective “guy” by giving him my blog link *laughs*

And why would that succeed in scaring him? Because I am the anti thesis of every good, mallu girl! And I love it!

I am the nightmare for every momma’s boy who first checks the girl’s horoscope before he checks her ass out!

So what makes me the anti-thesis? because:

1. I can’t cook.

2. I ride my bike like a maniac. I have the need for speed.

3. I have the guts to scream at an auto guy

4. I am a committment phobe

5. I am damn comfortable with men and I don’t go about blushing or pretending to be a delicate darling

6. I am intelligent

7. I am a rebel

8.I can’t handle handbags. Give me a backpack and I am the happiest

9. I am the biggest flirt (in my defense I don’t realize it when I am flirting!)

10. And the biggest andi-mal factor – I have straight hair!

AND I believe in:


~ by tia on September 7, 2008.

13 Responses to “Wild Things”

  1. I am the nightmare for every momma’s boy who first checks the girl’s horoscope before he checks her ass out!
    😀 😀 😀

    ROFL.. that was awesome 🙂

    ‘I am a committment phobe’ i thought only guys are so.. you got any friends? 😛

    and btw does that apply to nice guys too? 😦 😛

  2. Thanx a lot for dropping by my blog 🙂
    And I must say a lot of things on this post applies to me too..I am quite surprised at the number of co incidences actually..

    I am mallu but I’ve got straight her too 😀

  3. common..mallu gal with straight hair are common these days…coz every mallu gal thinks she s different fm the usual..go bald..tht will be the perfect ‘anti thesis’

  4. i totally believe #2


  5. Ohhhhh this is too good for me to pass up commenting.

    1. I agree, you suck at cooking.

    2. God have mercy for those who share the road with you, 😀

    3. Why do you scream at them? Do we need anger management classes now?

    4. Let me guess, no cell phone plan? I don’t think you are a committment phobe at all, I think its the opposite. You yearn for committment.

    5. Tomboy!!! You don’t blush around men? HAHHAHAHAHA ok. 😀

    6. LMAO!!!!

    7. I agree, infact, the reason I think you speed is because its a rebellion against the norm and against the rules. Its one of the few opportunities where you can actually live out being a rebel. The other stuff, you wish you were a rebel, but hold way too many values that cause you to be traditional no matter how much you deny it.

    8. Hear that guys? Next Valentine’s day, a back pack to success, lol.

    9 No your’re not. You WANT to flirt, but you actually don’t. All you do is talk to guys, but thats not flirting, thats just conversation.

    10. You believe wrong. You are pretty much like every mallu girl I know. Traditional at heart, but they fail to accept it. They want to rebel, and admire women who do, but rarely act rebellious.

    And the best quote “Well Behaved women rarely make any history”

    There, my much anticipated review of your stuff, 😀

  6. Guys, who are not scared after reading this post, can assume that they are not prospective guys. Correct me if I am wrong..;)


  7. next u will tell me that u dont have hairy legs….wht sort of a mallu are u? u hydrid!

  8. got any other friends with the same checklist? 😉

  9. This post creates an impression in me that mallu girls are a boring lot, which I don’t think they are. I believe that a lot of “traits” you list are due the fact that you have spent a good part of your life in Bangalore, than in conservative, laid back towns of Kerala.

    Besides, what’s so scary about the 10 things you have listed ? I can’t comment about 4, but there’s nothing here to scare a guy away. I mean, you don’t have a moustache, do you ?

  10. *Sandeep
    Nope doesnt apply to nice guys…planning to apply?? 😀

    Hi Xeres, got your link from Vinay’s blog 🙂

    Are you trying to help me out here???


    very nice logic. I agree.

    as hybrid as a reva!lol

    will let you know 😉

    No I don’t. And if I did, i wouldnt advertize it!

  11. thinking about it 😛

  12. *Sandeep
    *Ahem* What am i to ASSUME??

  13. Put down your assumptions, lemme see if it makes any good sense 😛

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