Life – a short story

How do you know you have fallen in love with a story?

Do you think about it often? Do you internalize it? Do you own it..and hold it so close to your heart that it feels like you are falling through a rabit hole or it feels like the story has come alive and is beating with life like the first heart beat of an unborn baby.

We all have stories. I do. You do. He does, she does.

But most often than not the question is – should you share your story? Much as you may think life is a box of chocolates, it isn’t. Here’s the dope on life:it’s all a farce.

But coming back to what I started out with – So far my favorite has been Tess of the D’urbervilles and the English Patient.

Why Tess of the D’Urbervilles? Because it’s so dark. It’s full of suffering. Well call me a masochist, but that’s the kind of stories I like. She doesn’t get rescued on a horse back from exploitation. In fact the man she loves turns on her and sends her home because she wasn’t a virgin (A big thing in the old days. I think the term Virgin has become archaic.)

“Justice” was done, and the President of the Immortals (in Aeschylean phrase) had ended his sport with Tess. And the d’Urberville knights and dames slept on in their tombs unknowing. The two speechless gazers bent themselves down to the earth, as if in prayer, and remained thus a long time, absolutely motionless: the flag continued to wave silently. As soon as they had strength, they arose, joined hands again, and went on.

  • Phase the Seventh: Fulfilment, ch. LIX (last lines)

And The English Patient? Because of the passion, the tension, the need to be together but to be apart, to know you are meant to be together yet shouldn’t be together, cannot be together.

Em: Whoever told you that I’m a sucker for romantic lines..was a good guide!


~ by tia on September 6, 2008.

3 Responses to “Life – a short story”

  1. get over. get over 😛

  2. *Sandeep
    It is over 😛

  3. yea, English Patient was brilliant. There was a certain kind of dangerous passion in it that I loved. I haven’t read Tess.. but they way you describe it, I think I must. Also, ever read Wuthering Heights? Another of those anti-love stories.

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