It’s in your face

[As a follow up to the Black Post (so named as a tribute to Metallica’s Black Album. Actually, it was supposed to be saved but it got published, which would explain why it holds no title), here is a humorous look at Matrimony..and human relationships.]


Hindu Nair, Revathi Nakshatram, Shudha Jadagam

–, profile no *&*^$#%^%

Master’s in Management & Marketing Communication, 11 months experience as Marketing & Comm consultant in an IT consulting company

–, profile for a marketing & comm consultant with one year exp

While the former was created by my mom, the latter was created by me.

We have become so profile oriented.

It’s either your orkut profile, or your facebook profile or your linked-in profile. Or in my case the keralamatrimony profile or my profile. It’s about putting your best face forward (allusion to multiple masks we have).

These profiles are like the handkerchiefs and name plates we used to wear when we were in nursery school. The handkerchief and the name plate didn’t cover even 1/5 of our body, yet was so important in our relationships. If a kid had a dirty handkerchief he/she (with or without the booger/snot) was ostracised. Nevermind he/she were an absolute sweetheart who got you chocolates everyday, or was actually suffering from asthma and had to use the handkerchief to clear his/her nose before he/she turned blue like in a portrait of Lord Shiva on one of those roadside temple and died.

Has much changed? Nope. I think I would have liked to carry one of those photos that are taken (in the US) when you are booked on a criminal charge. You know, one of those boards with nos on them.

P.s – I think Nick Nolte’s picture is the best. I believe he was trying to steal the role of joker from Heath ledger. Sadly, he ended up looking like a clown.


~ by tia on September 6, 2008.

3 Responses to “It’s in your face”

  1. πŸ˜€
    kinda true..
    wondering if blog also is a kind of mask/profile..

  2. A profile is just an advertisement of yourself presented in the most appealing way you can put it together. People are profile oriented, because it highlights their best atributes. And the best way to get all this info out there? The internet. Its just the easiest way to get yourself advertised, thats why the world has become so profile oriented.

    These words of wisdom brought to you by the greatest there ever is……………..ME!!

    BTW, those shots are called mugshots. And I think Nicole Richie looks the best from those pics.

  3. Hindu Nair, Revathi Nakshatram – i also had sme profile @ keralamatrimony but now, thnakfully, my parents have granted me bail for one more year πŸ˜€

    profiling ourself for the sake of showcasing the best face – it was always there and will be always there, in one form or another…

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