I am getting married.

Well not exaclty, but it’s equal to that because I have taken the first biggest step in that direction. I have agreed to my parents looking for a groom for me. And that’s how the cookie crumbles.

This of course despite warning from all the people who know me and say – ‘arranged marriage? You? I don’t think so..’

So why this drastic step? Because I give up.

Pourquoi? Because I always find the wrong guy. Either I end up being one half of a star-crossed lover or the guy is an absolute sob.

It’s either the guy is from a different religion, or the guy is a momma’s boy and scared to take a stand, or…it’s all about circumstances isn’t it?

Truth be told there is nothing good out there. No use looking for something that doesn’t exist right?


~ by tia on August 31, 2008.

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  1. ya be love is tempting, but useless

  2. Wrong!! Arranged marriage is not a drastic step. In today’s world, you see a guy, get to know him for a couple of months and then decide. You may fall in love with him in that period !!! I have seen many go through that..its just ‘arranged love’..nothing to be scoffed at…so chill…

  3. It’s either the guy is from a different religion, or the guy is a momma’s boy and scared to take a stand, or…it’s all about circumstances isn’t it?

    It’s not like movies, madam. The statement u hav used is the exact one that I have been questioned and still trying to find the answer.
    The problem is that we cant see the future and we need family to return to in case of problems in future. That would be assured in arranged marriages and not in love marriages.

  4. U guys scaring me 😦

  5. that’s the right decision..[;)]..m sure u won’t have regrets..:)

  6. I can’t believe parents won’t be supportive if their kids likes someone even now! 😮 Seriously!!

    marriage itself doesn’t sound all that right to me 😀
    so.. no use making my point here

  7. *Raghu
    Too early to say that I think 🙂

    The basic premise behind a love marriage is two strangers who meet because something (not a profile photo on a matrimonial website) attracts them to each other..

    Hmm…don’t be. I Guess I was overreacting..

    Thanks ravish, I hope so too.

    Lol I don’t support marriage either!We need to abolish it, what say??

  8. 😀
    where do we start? 🙂

  9. Ofcourse , There is someone good out there . Thou haven’t bumped into me yet . 😛

  10. Hey jk.

  11. *Sandeep
    How about right here, right now??

    *laughs* I don’t bumping into each other helps! 😛

  12. Lead the way, lady 😛

  13. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHA, you said this last year, and the year before. You make it sound like your parents had their arms tied in this whole deal, and now you just untied them. Like, they just pick a guy out of nowhere, and say “Here you go Molle” and you oblige.

    There should have been warning sirens going off when this was posted. Men everywhere running for their bunkers, lol.


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