Society of Mutual Admiration

This one is dedicated to my mentor, guide, friend and sister…and if the canteen lady of Rangashankara is to be believed, also santoor mommy! 😀

Realization is like the hot water I burnt my hand with today. You can’t hold the complete epiphany in your mind, because it gives you an almost a-ha effect (not aaahaaaa like vadivelu says in tamil movies *shudder*)

I was broken up about a one way road that I wanted reversed.

And my friend gives me a packet with a salwar kameez for Gowri Habba and I…I was speechless. What really touched me was that she had also left some money in the packet which is normally used to buy bangles and flowers which is supposed to be given to the girl as gowri duddu from her mother’s/sister’s house.

And then the realization hit me: I was broken over some idiot who didn’t even care for me and I was being blind to the people who truly love me and care for me. I am so lucky to have her in my life.

And it’s just not just her…all the people i bug to get me chocolates, all the people who make a face when i ask for help but oblige hiding a smile, the one who is ready to bunk office to be the shoulder on which I can cry,the ones who are honest…..

You know what, I am gonna change. I have decided to pratice playing the guitar again. I haven’t touched it in a year..I have even forgotten the notes!I’ll brush up on my chords and then go for classes if necessary. I have a huge important exam coming up and I am gonna be f***ing successful in it. Maybe go for DJing classes as well as other things I have wanted to do.

I am gonna live.


~ by tia on August 29, 2008.

5 Responses to “Society of Mutual Admiration”

  1. words of courage… 🙂 I am looking forward for the positiveness of this words to come into action. Live, and enjoy every moment of your life.

  2. 🙂
    ya i spoke little early 😛

    best way to get over is to distract yourself from it..
    Watch Rock On, you’d surely pick up guitar 🙂

    DJing.. great.. can i get some info on that??
    But somehow i’m happy creating different effects in music with DSP 😛

  3. U play six strings..interesting..don’t forget to invite when you play in public..[:)]

  4. *anoop
    I hope to live by those words..

    What an apology!:P

    I do..I did…Need to go back playing it…I have pic of my fender startocaster in the flickr box on the right..

  5. What! 😛

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