A brief history of my deep thoughts!

Tia’s theory of Liliput universe

I have always wondered, what if we finally were able to travel to the ends of the universe… would we fall off? What if the universe was finite but seems infinite to us and we actually fell off if we came to the finite boundary? What would we fall into? We can’t fall into more space.
I have a fancy idea – what if we reached the finite boundary of the universe and fell into another universe where people are bigger than us, and we were Lilliputs in a bigger universe? What if we were a universe inside a universe? What if our universe is just a fishbowl? What if there are multiple universes upto infinity, where one universe encased a smaller universe? Or rather our universe was encased in a bigger one and that was encased in a bigger universe and so on…like a picture within a picture.

Tia’s theory of rapid civilization

What if we had rapidly advanced as a civilization within the first 100 years of our existence as bipeds? I am talking of advances we have made in the past 800 years compressed into 100 years.What discoveries about the universe and the world would we have made? What could we have seen that, we have been deprived of, because of the rapidly expanding universe.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be so big that I could crush the world..a lot like Calvin!I wanted to the universe to be like one of those model solar systems you have in your class room. I wanted to look into each planet and watch what was happening…man I am turning into a voyeur!


~ by tia on August 26, 2008.

7 Responses to “A brief history of my deep thoughts!”

  1. hm… i think when we reach the end of universe, and scale the wall (oh yeah, thee IS a wall, i know :P) we will fall into a big potato sack. Believe me, I am telling the truth.

  2. astronomical voyeur 😀

    Why so much of astronomy all of a sudden?

  3. Haven’t you been to the restaurant at the end of the universe ??? Oh, may be you’ll need to hitch an infinite improbability drive with someone for that. Call Zaphod Beeblebrox right now !!

  4. i want to fly so high…:-)

  5. *Anoop
    and then we stand and say – if I don’t see you again, good morning, good evening anf good night!

    Cos my head is in the stars!

    Heh heh…Not very good with hitchhiking with an alien!

    Honey are you stoned??:P

  6. […] Remember this post? Apparently Dr Seuss had the same idea 54 years ago! (Well he doesn’t call the world a […]

  7. What if this was the closing scene from ‘Men in Black’? 😉

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