The Secret

There was once a little girl. She was sick. She couldn’t eat, she couldn’t stay awake and she was least interested in anything and everything. She ate very little and whatever she ate, she couldn’t taste it. She was always tired and all she did was sleep.Her friends came home to cheer her up and she would laugh with them, but when they went away she would cry in bed.

Her family – her father, mother, 3 brothers and 5 sisters – were very worried for her. She was the youngest and they loved her the most. They invited physicians, neurologists, psychologists and other specialists from all over the world to treat her but nobody could diagnose the cause for her illness.

A month later her grandfather came to visit and see how much her treatment had progressed. He was distressed to see his 4 -year -old granddaughter become so listless and pale. He asked her whether she wanted to ride her pony, she shook her head. He ordered all kinds of exotic food for her to eat – truffle and cheese pie, raisin flambe, chocolate and almond bars, etc. She didn’t touch them.

One evening he carried his graddaughter to the fountain the near the cellar and sat down on the bench with her. They sat in silence and observed the birds flying south for winter. Usually his granddaughter would have asked him millions of questions like – why do birds fly south? how do they know where south is? can we go to south too, or is it only for birds? He put her on his lap and asked her – Honey, what are you scared of?

Tears came to her eyes and she burst into tears. He hugged her while she cried, and after the sobs had subsided she blurted: Granpaw while I die tomorrow?

He was shocked by her question. No honey, he replied, you won’t. Why do you think so?

She replied: Granpaw, tommy kitten died and Nancy said that one day we would all die and I would be all alone. I am scared she whispered.

Granpaw had a smile on his face. She was scared of being alone. She was scared of death! He looked at his intelligent and sensitive granddaughter and said – Honey, someday in the distant future we will die, that is true. But not now.And when we do you won’t need us. You’ll be a strong young woman.

She didn’t seem convinced.

He continued: I promise you honey, you will never be alone..ever.

She smiled and held out her hand. He placed his on hers as a symbol of a promise that he would keep.

They sat for a few minutes and she asked – Granpaw are the birds going to visit Santa in the South Pole?

Honey, Santa Claus lives in the North Pole.

So you think Mrs. Santa Claus lives in the South Pole? Y’know Mrs Stewart said that Wilma’s parents are getting ‘worsed and they are so cold to each other that they can only stand it if they were each living at the ends of the earth…

Granpaw laughed….


~ by tia on August 17, 2008.

5 Responses to “The Secret”

  1. This is a wonderful post. Loved reading it.


  2. the little girl feared being left alone.. wonder how many of us still harbor the seed of that fear in our minds…

  3. hmmm… who are you? the kid or the granny?
    or one of the fighting spouses?

  4. what’s the secret? 😛

  5. *Ravish
    Glad u enjoyed it 🙂

    Hmm I think everyone does..

    I am all and none!

    It was her secret fear…and it got her very sick cos she wouldnt talk about her fear..

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