Dark Knight: A dark tale

I watched Dark Knight today..and man what a movie. Brilliant cinematography with breathtaking vertical views.

And Joker…so creepy. He came across this cold, heartless sadist..made me shudder. Especially when he says – Why don’t you smile? and cuts the person’s mouth.This is definitely a PG movie!
Next best villain after the late Heath Ledger’s Joker has to be Riddler played by Jim Carrey or Joker played by Jack Nicholson.

And Batman (Christian Bale) So drool-worthy and amazing machines..reminds me of the scene in Batman Forever where he comes to Dr Chase Meridian’s house in the middle of the night. I have had a crush on Val Kilmer ever since.

But it was such a moral let down..a melodrama gone bad. Yet so…relevant in these times. Shakes you out of your complacency. It’s like when you are having a nightmare and suddenly there is no difference between the nightmare and reality. We are so used to being lulled into and seduced into a world of perfect that we hate leaving the cinema theater. But this…this seemed to say: hold me, thrill me, kill me.

Funny thing: Most Batman movies are known for their soundtrack, like U2’s kiss me, thrill me, hold me or Seal’s kiss from a rose..but this movie was all about the action.

P.s:This movie actually reminds me of Sin city..Seemed like a mix of Sin city and Saw.


~ by tia on July 24, 2008.

9 Responses to “Dark Knight: A dark tale”

  1. I need to see this movie…but since iam nice and high ( its tht time of the night and its a weekend in this part of the world), let me put my 2 bit in;

    all my life i have fought…the gud fite…i thought …but i have had reasons to belive that when u get caught up in the fite, u tend to become what u fite against…..

    sometimes i think that all these movies and comic books are more real than the books we relay upon for moral growth.

    can i ask u something? who impressed u? bat man or the joker?


  2. yet to watch it…have been hearing good reviews..will watch it this weeknd….

  3. totally drool worthy machines, and i loved his carbon fiber outlook. Now superheros have become more human – they no longer carry the invincible image, and the stories are more life like than fantasy. the joker made me shudder with his knife – a cold and cruel maniac with no logic other than chaos… he is brilliant in his own way. The cinematography is super – the visual impact is breathtaking. the most sad part in the movie – when he crushed his Lamborghini Reventon. it was such a beautiful car…
    absolutely loved the movie…

  4. oops… made a mistake – itz not a Reventon, but a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640.

  5. *Tys
    I think we are impressed by the freak, by the unusual.
    I know one person who didn’t become what he fought against – Gandhi.
    Comic books tell truth, without the sugar coating. It tells you what is true, what is real, what is practical (bcos it has no responsibility of giving you hope)

    do watch it..its brilliant..just might be the best batman movie so far,,

    oh yeah…that was an awesome car too. I kinda expected the Bat mobile to be more…aesthetic in design..more sleek even. It turned out to be quite ugly.

  6. Well, I believe the Joker asked “Why so serious?”

  7. *Ravish
    really? Hmm cos I remember hmm saying (when he’s threatening the mobster) why don’t you smile?

  8. its an AMAZING movie…n the joker was played brilliantly…

  9. *anurag
    I know! I loved it…

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